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The Line-Up for 9-24-2010

Another week, another Line-Up. This week's show sort of felt like pulling teeth, largely because I didn't have a particular theme or focus. Still, I felt like the show turned out alright. Christian Scott - K.K.P.D. Yet another song that showed up on The Line-Up because it showed up on my commute. Plus, I haven't played this song on the air in a while. I figured it would be a good idea to start this week's show off with a bang. Roy Hargrove Big Band - Roy Allen I can't say enough how much I like this song. It's smooth and cool and the best thing about Hargrove's Emergence album. This is yet another one of those songs that's been a while since I played it. Terence Blanchard - Choices The computer picked this one but Blanchard has been on my mind since I rented Just Wright last weekend. That was an okay movie, and it was everything a forward thinking black person would want to put in an okay movie... other than better writing. Still the Terrence Bl

The Line-Up for 9-17-2010

I decided to branch out pretty far with The Line-Up. This will happen from time to time. I'll decide to play some music a little further out from the show's comfort zone and then reel myself back in for the subsequent week. This week was provoked by my pulling Bonobo's Black Sands from the station's "No" shelf. I thought it was different but still sort of jazzy, so it found its way onto this week's show. Then the rest of the hour sort of formed around this one song. Robert Glasper - Maiden Voyage/Everything in its Right Place I figured I would want to start a little light. I want the audience to warm up, so I started with Robert Glasper. If you listen to The Line-Up, you know his work. It's courageous but palatable. It signifies that if I start the hour with Glasper, we're going to be taking some twists and turns, but it'll still be a pretty good ride. Pat Metheny & Brad Mehldau - Ahmid 6 I went through a lot of fighting with myself a

The Line-Up for 9-10-2010

One year ago (really 364 days ago, but it still was 52 weeks ago, so I'm counting this as the anniversary), I hit the airwaves taking The Line-Up from Lyz, who went off to grad school. So began the fun I've had here each week playing great new jazz that I think the masses would love. The theme for this week's show is all about pianists. Since my favorite musicians all happen to be pianists and I used to play the piano many moons ago, that's what I'm running with for this one year anniversary. Vijay Iyer - Fleurette Africaine When I saw this track on the listing for Iyer's Solo album , I wondered how he'd be able to pull off playing this track by himself as opposed to with a trio. I can remember an interview with The Bad Plus in which the interviewer was talking with the group about this song. If memory serves, they don't play it because Reid Anderson just couldn't move as fast on the bass as Charles Mingus. So it really surprised me the first

The Line-Up for 9-3-2010

While I may have been spreading my interests around musically, I always come home to roost with The Line-Up. It may be a good thing because for this week, I'm playing some folks I haven't even thought about for a while and I'm playing some other folks who just caught my eyes and ears. I rather like how this week's episode was put together. There are a few folks here tonight who I've wanted to play for a little while but just couldn't find a good place to play them until now. Tonight, one could say this is the episode in which the chickens come home to roost. Avery Sharpe Trio - My Favorite Things Yep, the computer picked it. This episode also has another live selection. I don't quite know how well they work and were edited for radio, but the performances are sound and I'm standing by them. Pat Metheny - Orchestrion From time to time, I'll put the show together and I'll wonder when's the next time I should play something from