The Line-Up for 9-17-2010

I decided to branch out pretty far with The Line-Up. This will happen from time to time. I'll decide to play some music a little further out from the show's comfort zone and then reel myself back in for the subsequent week. This week was provoked by my pulling Bonobo's Black Sands from the station's "No" shelf. I thought it was different but still sort of jazzy, so it found its way onto this week's show. Then the rest of the hour sort of formed around this one song.

Robert Glasper - Maiden Voyage/Everything in its Right Place
I figured I would want to start a little light. I want the audience to warm up, so I started with Robert Glasper. If you listen to The Line-Up, you know his work. It's courageous but palatable. It signifies that if I start the hour with Glasper, we're going to be taking some twists and turns, but it'll still be a pretty good ride.
Pat Metheny & Brad Mehldau - Ahmid 6
I went through a lot of fighting with myself and the clock trying to figure out what to play here. I knew I wanted to do a Pat Metheny song, which eventually turned into my wanting to play a Metheny/Mehldau song. Then I had to find one with the right pacing but of adequate length. As I started shifting songs in this hour around, eventually I settled on "Ahmid 6."
Jason Lindner - Seven Ways
I didn't really plan on playing any Jason Lindner this week, but after a while it seemed like a rather obvious decision considering the content and tone of this week's show. He should have been on my list all along.
Nujabes - Horn in the Middle
When I made the decision to play Bonobo this week, I knew I would also play Nujabes. This song was a foregone conclusion.
The Bad Plus - Cheney Piñata
Honestly? I needed to fill in two minutes.
Herbie Hancock - Watermelon Man
As is common with The Line-Up, I put at least one track in the middle of the hour from the 70s. This wasn't the originally intended 70s song for this week, but after a while, I put together a pretty good block of tracks from this decade. Plus, pulling from Head Hunters just seemed appropriate for this episode.
Stevie Wonder - Contusion
Since I was attempting to get adventurous this week, I put some thought into what my true 70s track would be. It occurred to me that not enough attention is given to this song from Stevie Wonder. Sure, people will sing praises all about his classic period, especially his Songs in the Key of Life album, but not many people talk about how great "Contusion" is. This is truly a soul jazz song that many people overlook. I don't want to neglect it, so here it resides.
Sound Directions - Dice Game/Wanda Vidal
This song compliments the soul song, and as usual, you can't go too long on The Line-Up without some Madlib.
Bonobo - Animals
This is the catalyst for this whole show. There are a great many reasons why it's here. I like the Black Sands album. I wanted to try something different and out there. My friend, Andrew, eventually relented and gave his blessing that I play music he introduced to me (as opposed to his original thought that I was hijacking his taste), for which I've very grateful. Also, in the back of my mind, I remember a meeting I had with Matt Fleeger and Aaron Prado about the direction of this show. Fleeger told me he'd like to hear some more stuff from the Ninja Tune label on The Line-Up. Once again, I fullfill a late request. But largely, I'm playing this because I feel that this is a show that plays everything along the fringe of jazz, of which this certainly is.
Flying Lotus - Do the Astral Plane
Once you break the seal with playing some Bonobo, you might as well go the rest of the way and play some Flying Lotus. Also, I was playing Cosmogramma  in the kitchen the other night while I was washing dishes and my dad walked in for some reason or another. He asked me who this was, and it wasn't with some tone of confusion. This means I assumed he liked what he was hearing. I just had to provoke that reaction again.


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