The Line-Up for 9-3-2010

While I may have been spreading my interests around musically, I always come home to roost with The Line-Up. It may be a good thing because for this week, I'm playing some folks I haven't even thought about for a while and I'm playing some other folks who just caught my eyes and ears. I rather like how this week's episode was put together. There are a few folks here tonight who I've wanted to play for a little while but just couldn't find a good place to play them until now. Tonight, one could say this is the episode in which the chickens come home to roost.

Avery Sharpe Trio - My Favorite Things
Yep, the computer picked it. This episode also has another live selection. I don't quite know how well they work and were edited for radio, but the performances are sound and I'm standing by them.
Pat Metheny - Orchestrion
From time to time, I'll put the show together and I'll wonder when's the next time I should play something from this album again. I often skip over it just because it just doesn't seem to fit with whatever I'm doing in a certain week. Tonight, Metheny seems to fit again.
Ron Blake - Chasing the Sun
Often times, I'll just need to plug in a really quick song just for the sake of filling time and I'll subsequently find that the really short song I pick as an afterthought is really funky. This is one of those songs.
Karl Denson's Tiny Universe - How Fine Is That
I used to hear Karl Denson's Tiny Universe from time to time on KRTU when I was younger. I figured it was time to bring him back again.
Bill Frisell - Tony
Frisell caught my eye and ear after I heard a little bit of his work in the Icons Among Us: Jazz in Present Tense documentary. When I put this week's show together, it seemed like a good idea to play him. I think that was a pretty good idea, if I do say so myself.
Oh, one more thing, never call me Tony. Just don't. I need to say that.
Wallace Roney - Let's Stay Together
This is a computer pick but I wanted to see where this cover would go.
David Chenu - Estimate Sonic Transfer
David Chenu is another one of those folks who I'd hear on KRTU from time to time and was really impressed with what I was hearing. He's another one I've wanted to play on The Line-Up for some time now but just couldn't find a show in which to fit him. Tonight is that show.
Joe Giardullo Trio - Rivers
I always love what Destination: Out does. It's one of the best jazz blogs on the internet and it always features really cool music for inquiring fans to discover. I knew eventually I'd find something they've featured to plug into The Line-Up and this track seemed like one of the most radio friendly to play that they've recently featured. Trust me, they can pick some pretty out there stuff. That's what makes them so awesome.
Jason Moran - Planet Rock
One of the challenges of this show is figuring out what track will lead into the Indie Overnight format after mine. I sort of relish that challenge. For this episode, I closed with Moran playing this all too familiar song.


Jeff g. said…
Thanks, man! Glad you got Joe out over the airwaves. See you on the internets...

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