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Exercising Our Voices Anthony Harris Opinions Section Editor If you were among the 311 people that voted in Archer last Tuesday, I applaud you. If you were among the few others that voted in Clark Atlanta’s gym, I bestow upon you the same honors. If you voted absentee, pat yourself on the back. If you’re part of the vast majority of people in the Atlanta University Center that did not vote in the midterm elections, you may need to turn in your Black Card. Our ancestors have been fighting for years for freedom. We have struggled to escape disenfranchisement. We have motivated black people for years to become activists. There are many routes to equality in America , and voting is one of them. In the face of adversity, it is still a strong sign of strength to have a group come together in a system against them and use their voice. Whether or not those votes are counted, the symbolism of the act is necessary. The machines
The One About… Anthony Harris Opinions Section Editor My school has become some sort of punch line in multiple avenues. Stop me if you’ve heard this one. A couple of weeks ago I scaled my way to the second floor of Gloster to pick up a check for my tutoring. The person in charge of distributing checks had a few steps he had to undertake in order to pay me. I waited as patiently as I could despite the fact that I was broke until he gave me my check and I had class at noon . We talked about how Clark Atlanta’s payroll uses direct deposit in all of their cases. The person in charge of payroll stated that the reason why we are using technology from the 1980’s was that this was Morehouse. In a conversation I had with a professor in his office, he remarked about how he once had a student who walked from Spelman’s Cosby building to discuss something with him. Upon walking into this professor’s office, the student abruptly burst in
Our Campus Life Anthony Harris Opinions News Section Editor I wasn’t feeling particularly ethereal this past week. I really just focused on making it to payday and getting a Chaucer test completed. Friday night, my roommate and I headed over to Georgia Tech’s student center to play pool and get in some bowling. My family came by to visit that following Sunday and I explained to them that if you want to have fun, you have it elsewhere. You can see it every week. Legions of people scattering away on Fridays to head home. Dozens heading in their cars to head to various clubs and house parties. Stories heard the following Monday about the craziness that happened at parties at Tech , Georgia State, and Emory. The tamest things stories of better pool tables and bowling alleys at Georgia Tech’s student center. The statement that I’m making here isn’t another rant against Morehouse; this is a rant against the entire AUC. Just a
The Portraits of Chivers Anthony Harris Opinions News Section Editor One Wednesday morning twenty minutes before my noon class, I decided to do something I very rarely do: I decided to go to lunch. I walked in o the cafeteria, pulled my wallet from the dark recesses of my trench coat, walked through the cafeteria to collect my fried chicken, and sat in the front of the cafeteria. My mind wandered throughout the room to all the portraits of the presidents. Hope stood steadfastly, hands in pockets. Keith stood relaxed, beaming smile, one hand in pocket. Gloster stood stolidly before a chair. Massey attempted to outshine all in full academic regalia and a shining medallion. But it was Mays that most impressed me as he stood in his office with some sort of paper in his hand. Even while posing for a portrait, the man looked like he was working. During the long process of selecting the new president of Morehouse College , this
“This is the Worst Thing to Happen to Morehouse.” Anthony Harris Opinions Section Editor As the story goes, Men of Morehouse raped two Spelman Women. Within the course of forty-eight hours, a series of protests took place. News helicopters hovered above Spelman College . They followed the crowd of black women in white shirts through the promenade of Clark Atlanta University . They swept down Fair Street as the wave moved through the Morehouse green to the steps of the Kilgore center. These women were angry. These women ARE angry. Two of their own have been allegedly raped. Many within this Atlanta University Center are rather apathetic. The stories continue throughout the years. This is old hat. But as they chanted as they moved through the strip, “It’s not okay. It happens everyday.” As they crowded the steps of Kilgore as the sun reached the top of the sky, the Morehouse SGA prepared to announce results

Thugs Dont Buy Smoothies

Thugs Don’t Buy Smoothies By Anthony Harris Opinion Section Editor As much as I have tried of avoid speaking on the subject, I am once again bringing up my workplace.  With a new class comes a new crowd inhabiting the scene that is Jazzman’s Café.  I have since noticed in my year as a barista personality types associated with orders.  Among the most prevalent is the so-called thug ordering a strawberry smoothie.  This just cannot be. If you walk into a coffee shop and order a strawberry smoothie, you are not a thug. If you are concerned about the appearance of your masculinity by adding whipped cream, you are not a thug. If you comment on going to Gloster to settle your tuition payment, you are not a thug. If you’re upset about a grade you received on a history paper, you are not a thug. If you have to beg your parents for more money to fund your late night calls to Papa John’s, you are not a thug. There are many at Morehouse who must realize that thugs do n
The problem with tipping I spent the summer working at a Cold Stone Creamery in Kennesaw , Georgia . Working there taught me a great many lessons about working with white people again, more of the intricacies of the service industry, and about human behavior in general. One of the most perplexing things about the entire experience was the infrequency I experienced with tipping. I could see patterns here and there, but most of what I did in many a situation was complain about tipping. I always tipped services automatically. Even decent service was worthy of some additional compensation, yet many times I encountered people that received their ice cream and good service and promptly leave. They’d pay in exact change and brusquely exit, pay with debit card and leave the tip section blank, put their change in there pockets and avoid eyeing the tip jar in front of them. It grew to be rather frustrating to give good service to people I really didn’t like all that much
Midpoint to Midterms We stand in between two significant points in time this year. Runoff elections have just ended. Representative Cynthia McKinney has just lost her seat to Hank Johnson in the fourth District of Georgia. Joe Lieberman has lost his Connecticut Senate seat to Ned Lamont due to his estrangement from his constituency according to Time Magazine. There are astounding times ahead of us filled with change, and this is only the crevice of that time. November is going to be an interesting month in which midterm elections will take place. As we continue down our road to manhood in Morehouse College , we must realize the power we have as a voting block. We are Black youth, united together to change the West End , Atlanta , Georgia , and America . Part of the power we hold is in the power of our vote. We mustn’t forget the significance of our vote, especially in a state that tries to strike this vote through voter identification legislation and intimidat
After a long absence, I have returned. The season is up again and this is the first editorial I'm writing as editor of the section. This is partly a pitch to the freshman and a welcome to Morehouse through the section. Real issues are soon to follow as I have the resources to troll thorugh Google News like I used to. One Voice of Many By Anthony Harris Editorial Section Editor Over the course of the last year, I walked about the campus stewing. I would be the harbinger of the truth. I would be the one to teach newcomers not to believe the hype. I’d be the one to change the system and bring people out of darkness and into the light. I was a conflicted soul. I’ve always believed that it was my job to tell the truth in any scenario. I’d warn freshmen about the low points of Morehouse. I’d teach white people about the latent racism that still thrives. I’d teach my Negro brethren about the diverse subgroups of the race instead of the all-invasive hip-hop c
When did we become so xenophobic? First we're getting into hissy fits nationwide about immigration and now we want English as the national language? Have we forgotten that this is a nation founded on immigrants that supposed to pride itself on its diversity? That's it! No more! Those who want to get rid of illegal immigrants must decide to raise the miniumum wage first without sending us into a larger deficit. When you can get an accountant to figure out that mystery, then you can boot the Mexicans out. I'm certain there are enough people in America to take over day labor jobs and maid services if the minimum wage were raised to at least eight dollars an hour. We've gotten freaked out about immigration because we don't like what it does to the job market but we aren't making the necessary changes to the economy to reverse these effects. Who doesn't like cheap labor? When you can stop complaining about how well capitalism works, that's when you can

Domestic Records and the Press

For the sake of freshness, I’m going to continue my work and keep typing editorials even though they aren’t going to be published anywhere but the blog.  These are going to be a little more free form and not have the 450-500 minimum word limit that the Tiger holds.  They could be less; they could be more.      It was recently revealed that the president has been inspecting domestic phone records all across the nation.  I seem to have lost the will to be angry.  I’m not surprised either.  I can’t be any angrier with the president for his trouncing on the fourth amendment.  He has broken privacy rights of every American in the name of protecting us, but I wouldn’t expect less from this man.  I’m not any angrier with the president than I was before this was announced because I practically saw it coming.      However, I would like to say that I am glad that for each revelation that occurs between this vastly growing Orwellian administration, we find that the press is becoming more aware an

Editorial Section Proposal

The new editor-in-chief of the Tiger is asking what I would bring as editor for an interview tomorrow.  He asked for this write-up:      For the upcoming year, I hope to bring the same excellence to the editorial section of the Maroon Tiger that has been shown years past.  Still, I feel that, if chosen, I will raise considerable standards of the section.  I feel that the editorial section has been bogged down with base material that has become rather repetitive.  My body of work for the Tiger has shown that I want to add a certain amount of awareness and seriousness to the editorial section and I hope to extend this mindset as I oversee this section.      To the same degree, I want this to be a true voice of the Atlanta University Center, bringing up real issues that have not been addressed.  As I’ve stated on multiple occasions, I tire of reading about calling women out on the strip, offensive Nelly videos, and Pall Wall’s influence on orthodontia.  A great deal of my life is dedicate

Senatorial Slap on the Wrist

Senatorial Slap on the Wrist By Anthony Harris Editorial Staff Writer Sen. Russ Feingold (D-Wisconsin) is proposing to censure the president because of his unconstitutional wiretapping program.  To many, this seems like a foreign concept.  The only reason why I probably knew what this was when I read the headline on CNN’s website was because I have a deep, abiding love for Aaron Sorkin’s The West Wing. For those of you who aren’t crazy about political drama and whether or not Donna and Josh will ever get together, a censure is a congressional act which is a formal reprimand.  Sen. Russ Feingold (D-Wisconsin), presidential hopeful for 2008, is putting together a senatorial vote for a formal slap on the wrist. Don’t get me wrong.  I’m actually in favor of the censure.  Something must be done for the president overtly violating the fourth amendment.  This isn’t the best course of action, but this most certainly is an action.  The Democratic Party is finding its

Cheney: the Nonstory

Cheney: the nonstory By Anthony Harris Editorial Staff Contributing Writer As many of us now know, Vice President Dick Cheney recently shot 78-year-old Harry Whittington in a hunting accident.  As engrossing as this is, why do I feel this is a nonstory? This just felt like a piece of information that I should know and then move on.  If Whittington were to die, I’d be concerned about the ramifications to the vice president.  If he were to fall under a grand jury probe, I’d take more notice.  But Whittington isn’t dead.  He’s receiving treatment in Corpus Christi.  All is well in the world.  I no longer care. I can’t keep looking to the nonstories.  I may not be as enthralled as the rest of the world about whether Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are still together.  I’m not outraged that Brittney Spears carried her baby while driving.  To go back to the original story, I only somewhat care that the vice president didn’t have a quail-hunting license prior to this i

The Problem with Thursday Nights

The problem with Thursday nights By Anthony Harris Editorial News Contributing Writer By now, I think we’ve established a good relationship and some of you may know me for my serious news stories that may have fallen below your radars.  I’ve written on the West Virginia mine tragedies, Harry Belafonte’s punditry, and voter turnout among other things.  I felt that it’s time for a bit of a change. Some of you may also know me as that loud guy behind the counter at Jazzman’s that gets annoyed when you don’t pick up your drink fast enough.  Yeah, that’s me.  I also serve your coffee.  When I’m not trolling CNN and writing these captivating editorials, I’m working until close at Jazzman’s Café.  (By the way, if any of you really like my work, let me know.  I could use the encouragement.) I just wanted to take a moment and let you know about the pet peeves that I have with my job.  Really, other than many of you not hearing your drinks called when I yell them at t

Whatever Happened to American Miracles?

Whatever Happened to American Miracles? By Anthony Harris Editorial Staff Writer      Twice in the month of January, there have been cave-ins at various mines in West Virginia.  Twice in the month of January, those cave-ins have resulted in the deaths of courageous miners thinking of nothing more than working to support their families.  Twice in the month of January, I watched the news during the attempted rescue missions thinking that these miners would have the opportunity to return home.  And twice in the month of January, I was wrong.      I figured that this sort of thing didn’t happen in America.  We have the fairy tales of happily ever after.  In our darkest hour, we always prevail.  No one expects plane crashes into our grand buildings.  No one expects hurricanes to destroy our cities.  These things don’t happen to us, and if they do, we rise above the situation and everyone goes home, watches reality television and opens a Budweiser.  It’s the Ameri

Harry Belafonte is like the Black Bill O'Reilly

Harry Belafonte is like the Black Bill O’Reilly By Anthony Harris      I’m getting a little tired of Harry Belafonte.  He makes very valid points quite often as a political activist and as a diplomat to various nations.  He makes sense about the plight with Venezuela and Hugo Chavez’s fight for equality.  He comes from the right place with his criticisms of the Bush administration.  It’s just those moments where he takes it too far that seem to bug me.  I see problems with this administration, just as many other people do.  President Bush’s approval ratings will show that.  But as much as people may not be satisfied with the President’s job performance, the man most certainly isn’t Hitler.  Too often in America, we become so accustomed to speaking our minds that we seem to cast sense to the wind.  George W. Bush is not a powerful orator run by a blinding hatred to eliminate a race of people from the earth.  Heck, President Bush isn’t a powerful orator.      When he led delegation with