When did we become so xenophobic?

First we're getting into hissy fits nationwide about immigration and now we want English as the national language? Have we forgotten that this is a nation founded on immigrants that supposed to pride itself on its diversity?

That's it! No more! Those who want to get rid of illegal immigrants must decide to raise the miniumum wage first without sending us into a larger deficit. When you can get an accountant to figure out that mystery, then you can boot the Mexicans out. I'm certain there are enough people in America to take over day labor jobs and maid services if the minimum wage were raised to at least eight dollars an hour.
We've gotten freaked out about immigration because we don't like what it does to the job market but we aren't making the necessary changes to the economy to reverse these effects. Who doesn't like cheap labor? When you can stop complaining about how well capitalism works, that's when you can even begin to say that you're justifiably xenophobic. And then you'd still be wrong.

We don't have a national language for a reason. We don't have a national religion for a reason. We don't have some national race for a reason. But we don't have a reasonable minimum wage for a stupid reason. But we do have capitalism for a reason.


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