Domestic Records and the Press

For the sake of freshness, I’m going to continue my work and keep typing editorials even though they aren’t going to be published anywhere but the blog.  These are going to be a little more free form and not have the 450-500 minimum word limit that the Tiger holds.  They could be less; they could be more.

     It was recently revealed that the president has been inspecting domestic phone records all across the nation.  I seem to have lost the will to be angry.  I’m not surprised either.  I can’t be any angrier with the president for his trouncing on the fourth amendment.  He has broken privacy rights of every American in the name of protecting us, but I wouldn’t expect less from this man.  I’m not any angrier with the president than I was before this was announced because I practically saw it coming.
     However, I would like to say that I am glad that for each revelation that occurs between this vastly growing Orwellian administration, we find that the press is becoming more aware and has found its strength.  More and more the press is finding the truths that the Bush administration has been hiding.  More and more the press is doing its job: asking questions.  We are standing tall in the face of a giant and we must either continue to wear him down until the end of his tyrannical reign in 2008 or impeach and remove him for his reproaches.


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