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The Line-Up for 9-28-2012

I felt I would have had a hard time putting this show together because I spent most of this past week listening to Flying Lotus' Until the Quiet Comes and Grizzly Bear's Shields . It really hampered my outgoing jazz ears to bring you the freshness. However, it seems I've been getting so much new stuff that if I just thought about it for a while, I could break out some of the freshness I've probably been hoarding for myself too long. Lauren Desberg - You Go To My Head (feat. Gretchen Parlato) I've said before that I'm a sucker for this song and I'm a sucker for Gretchen Parlato so I was bound to play this pretty soon. Flying Lotus - All In Brad Mehldau Trio - Holland I've wanted a studio version of this song for years. Where Do You Start fulfills my wish. Lionel Loueke - Ouidah I'm still playing Heritage pretty compulsively. Flying Lotus - Tiny Tortures Donny McCaslin - Casting for Gravity Play this album for all your non-jazz loving friends

The Line-Up for 9-21-2012

It's the last day of the KRTU pledge drive ( but you can still become a member ). It's my parents' 16th wedding anniversary (congrats, you guys!). It's Jazz'SAlive weekend. I've got some great new music. Let's do this thing! Trio Bruxo - Capoeira This group's EP just keeps delivering for me. This song has been rattling around on a list of songs I needed to play for a couple of weeks and I finally got the time to fit it in. Gonjasufi - Blaksuit Lauren Desberg - Mister Magic This girl is beloved . Like, seriously. From the sound of this new EP of hers , I can tell why. José James - It's All Over Your Body This EP also dropped this week on iTunes. It's kind of a big week. Mo Kolours - Banana Wine Vijay Iyer - The Star of a Story Y'know what I forgot to say on the air about this? "Be the star of our story, and become a member of KRTU ." Zach Brock - Common Ground I've had this song kicking around of a list of songs that ne

The Line-Up for 9-14-2012

This week's show is the third anniversary of my helming the Line-Up and the first Line-Up of the KRTU 2012 Fall pledge drive, so there's double the reasons for me to be excited this week. Terri Lyne Carington - Crayola It's another one of those moments when I realized I hadn't played any Terri Lyne Carrington for a while. Karriem Riggins - Summer Maddness S.A. Lionel Loueke - Ouidah I may have played this song more than anything else this week. Singing along to it is pretty infectious. Vijay Iyer Trio - MmmHmm If you join KRTU at the $120 level, Accelerando is one of the gifts this year. This is cooler than usual. Karriem Riggins - daooooh!! Mister Barrington - Landing The plan for this week's show was to play some new Mark Guiliana tht I just got in so after that, a set came together. Playing some Mister Barrington was bound to happen in this set. Grand Pianoramax - Infidel I got a message from Leo Tardin recently previewing some new material from his upco

The Line-Up for 9-7-2012

This week feels like a continuation of past weeks. I've got a nice bunch albums to pick from now for a little while, so this week taps that resource. Christian Scott - The Red Rooster When is it ever a bad time to play some Christian Scott? Side note: did you check out the interview he did for Waxpoetics ? Space Ghost - Starship 2091 J.D. Allen - Ring Shout! Jon Wertheim is back writing for Nextbop and dove right into The Matador and The Bull . Matt Wilson's Arts & Crafts - Poster Boy I didn't get the chance to hear Wilson & Co. at the Vanguard but NPR still has the archive . J&D - Coffee in the Morning Marcus Miller - Redemption Honestly, while this show was on, I was in Austin watching Miller and his Renaissance compatriots perform. I'll likely say more about this later. Esperanza Spalding - Endangered Species I can't go too long without playing this song. I love it that much. Lionel Loueke - Farafina I also can't go too long without pl