The Line-Up for 9-21-2012

It's the last day of the KRTU pledge drive (but you can still become a member). It's my parents' 16th wedding anniversary (congrats, you guys!). It's Jazz'SAlive weekend. I've got some great new music. Let's do this thing! Trio Bruxo - Capoeira This group's EP just keeps delivering for me. This song has been rattling around on a list of songs I needed to play for a couple of weeks and I finally got the time to fit it in. Gonjasufi - Blaksuit Lauren Desberg - Mister Magic This girl is beloved. Like, seriously. From the sound of this new EP of hers, I can tell why. José James - It's All Over Your Body This EP also dropped this week on iTunes. It's kind of a big week. Mo Kolours - Banana Wine Vijay Iyer - The Star of a Story Y'know what I forgot to say on the air about this? "Be the star of our story, and become a member of KRTU." Zach Brock - Common Ground I've had this song kicking around of a list of songs that needed a home in a Line-Up. Christian Scott - Van Gogh Linda Oh - Ultimate Persona This sort of kicked me in the middle of a commute. Also, thing I wanted to say on the air but forgot, "Be our ultimate persona... and donate to KRTU." Pat Metheny Unity Band - Roofdogs Metheny and the Unity Band are playing in Austin on October 6. Why did I not know about this until earlier this week? How can I finangle my way into the Moody Theater? Donny McCaslin - Says Who I just got this album in right before putting the show together and chose to take a chance playing this just by judging snippets. I think I made a good decision. The Gaslamp Killer - Seven Years of Bad Luck for Fun Mark Guiliana - Spirit Animal Team Guiliana, all day!


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