The Line-Up for 9-7-2012

This week feels like a continuation of past weeks. I've got a nice bunch albums to pick from now for a little while, so this week taps that resource. Christian Scott - The Red Rooster When is it ever a bad time to play some Christian Scott? Side note: did you check out the interview he did for Waxpoetics? Space Ghost - Starship 2091 J.D. Allen - Ring Shout! Jon Wertheim is back writing for Nextbop and dove right into The Matador and The Bull. Matt Wilson's Arts & Crafts - Poster Boy I didn't get the chance to hear Wilson & Co. at the Vanguard but NPR still has the archive. J&D - Coffee in the Morning Marcus Miller - Redemption Honestly, while this show was on, I was in Austin watching Miller and his Renaissance compatriots perform. I'll likely say more about this later. Esperanza Spalding - Endangered Species I can't go too long without playing this song. I love it that much. Lionel Loueke - Farafina I also can't go too long without playing a cut from Heritage. This is honestly one of the best albums of the year. Christian Scott - Van Gogh Marquis Hill - North Star I'm just going to keep hyping Marquis Hill until everyone gets how good he and his Blacktet is. Phronesis - Zieding This is probably the only track the computer picked that I kept, and Phronesis is almost always a keeper. Vijay Iyer Trio - Accelerando I'm really rather happy with my interview this week with Vijay Iyer about Holding it Down. Check that out if you haven't yet already. Mo Kolours - Banana Wine Dafnis Prieto Proverb Trio - Talking Too Much Proverb Trio is the talk of KRTU lately. We really like this album around these parts.


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