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Divided Groups

Jesse Jackson recently made a fool of himself yet again. True, Senator Obama accepted the Reverend's apology but still others were up in arms. MTV Music Videos MTV Shows Entertainment News The thing I have to say is this: Why do we believe there is some universal voice for Blackness? I recall taking African-American literature Dr. Melvin Rahming and him asking the class when was the last time the entire Black race was united behind a cause. After running through the gamut of civil rights, the present economy, and nearly every other thing in existence, he finally said the answer as plain as the nose on our faces: slavery. Even immediately after slavery, we weren't united. There were DuBois and Washington factions. There were King and Shabazz factions. There are those who believe hip hop is the voice of the race and those who believe it serves as a detriment. Some may believe Nas in saying he is the new guard of the representation, but really he just speaks for his people