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The problem with tipping I spent the summer working at a Cold Stone Creamery in Kennesaw , Georgia . Working there taught me a great many lessons about working with white people again, more of the intricacies of the service industry, and about human behavior in general. One of the most perplexing things about the entire experience was the infrequency I experienced with tipping. I could see patterns here and there, but most of what I did in many a situation was complain about tipping. I always tipped services automatically. Even decent service was worthy of some additional compensation, yet many times I encountered people that received their ice cream and good service and promptly leave. They’d pay in exact change and brusquely exit, pay with debit card and leave the tip section blank, put their change in there pockets and avoid eyeing the tip jar in front of them. It grew to be rather frustrating to give good service to people I really didn’t like all that much
Midpoint to Midterms We stand in between two significant points in time this year. Runoff elections have just ended. Representative Cynthia McKinney has just lost her seat to Hank Johnson in the fourth District of Georgia. Joe Lieberman has lost his Connecticut Senate seat to Ned Lamont due to his estrangement from his constituency according to Time Magazine. There are astounding times ahead of us filled with change, and this is only the crevice of that time. November is going to be an interesting month in which midterm elections will take place. As we continue down our road to manhood in Morehouse College , we must realize the power we have as a voting block. We are Black youth, united together to change the West End , Atlanta , Georgia , and America . Part of the power we hold is in the power of our vote. We mustn’t forget the significance of our vote, especially in a state that tries to strike this vote through voter identification legislation and intimidat