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The Line-Up for 12-31-2010

This week's New Year's Eve episode of The Line-Up, the last episode of 2010, is a recap of Nextbop's Best Jazz Albums of 2010 list . So it's going to be a little difficult coming up with an entirely different set of words after all the writing I've done this week. Nonetheless, this is a show that depicts what we believe to be the best cutting edge jazz of the last year. I figure a few more works to back up this music would be worth it. Jason Moran - RFK in the Land of Apartheid I can whistle this song all day. Seriously. Yesterday, I was walking around in the 79°F temperatures on the Riverwalk , just soaking in the unseasonably warm weather (yes, I'm gloating), and whistling this tune. The beat and melody is just so catchy. This is likely the catchiest tune on the album. Taylor Eigsti - Daylight When Seb sent me this album, he used this song as its selling point. True enough, this is a very good song, but as I said in my write-up for this list, it's the

The Line-Up for 12-24-2010

For some reason, I had a shortage of ideas for jazz Christmas music. Also, KRTU has played quite a bit of it today anyway. I figure half a show of Christmas music will suffice for this Christmas Eve episode. Marco Benevento - Atari The October concert at Montreal's Le Divan Orange is full of gems like this. Sound Directions - Dice Game/Wanda Vidal Seriously try to avoid whistling "Wanda Vidal" after this. I dare you. Cari Stevens - Dienda It's a computer selection, what can I say? Chaka Khan & Freddie Hubbard - I Love You, Porgy This coming Wednesday will mark the second anniversary of the passing of Freddie Hubbard. I wanted to make sure I acknowledge this fact. Joe Sample - Clifton's Gold For those of you who may not know this about me, I absolutely love Joe Sample. I go crazy about the man's work. With that little bit of a nip in the air, it only means we're not too far off from February 1, Sample's birthday. Get ready. Bill Frisel

The Line-Up for 12-17-2010

I didn't really have anything planned for this week. I'm amazed a show came out of this at all, but I think it all came together well. Still, since I don't have a lot to say about the selections this week, I hope you won't begrudge me for not discussing all the song selections this time. Hey, you're still getting new shows on Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve so a shorter blogpost of only lists shouldn't be too much of a hassle. Jacky Terrasson - O Cafe, O Soleil Taylor Eigsti - Magnolia feat. Becca Stevens Portico Quartet- Dawn Patrol Anthony Branker & Ascent - Dance Music Dr. Lonnie Smith - People Make The World Go Round Gerry Gibbs and the Thrasher Band - Patrice Rushen aka The 70's Song Nujabes - Counting Stars Grand Pianoramax - Clairvoyance

The Line-Up for 12-10-2010

This week's show is a continuation of my column for this week . I figured that if I was going to speak at length about how to make a good cover, I should have some good examples. Well, here's an hour worth of examples. Also, if you're seeing this and you want to turn your friends onto jazz music, this may be the show with which to do so. Seu Jorge and Almaz - Everybody Love the Sunshine The Seu Jorge and Almaz album may be one of the best albums of 2010. It's just too chill. Their rendition of this famous Roy Ayers tune is clear evidence of that. Herbie Hancock - All Apologies All of Hancock's The New Standard album is great evidence of my main conceit but I always find myself coming back to this track. Gretchen Parlato - Weak For some reason, my family just can't latch themselves onto this song. I love it. Many of my friends who I've made hear this song love it. But my family, my sister especially who loves SWV, just doesn't. We're at an im

The Line-Up for 12-3-2010

It's all Grammy nominees and stuff getting attention for this week. Ultimately, you're hearing what you should be hearing, because this show is great and informative... or something. The Bad Plus - Super America I must say, I'm not wowed by The Bad Plus' latest album, but there's still no such thing as a bad TBP album. There's always some gems in their work, and this is certainly a simple little gem from Never Stop . Esperanza Spalding - Winter Sun How do you get nominated for Best New Artist when most everyone in your field knows who you are, you've started and ended your work in academia while everyone in your field knew you, you performed for the President of the United States at the White House twice, and for the same president while he got his Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo. If this qualifies as new, I don't know what's going on. Darcy James Argue 's Secret Society - Phobos Who saw this Grammy nomination coming? Did anyone? Of course he