The Line-Up for 12-10-2010

This week's show is a continuation of my column for this week. I figured that if I was going to speak at length about how to make a good cover, I should have some good examples. Well, here's an hour worth of examples. Also, if you're seeing this and you want to turn your friends onto jazz music, this may be the show with which to do so.

Seu Jorge and Almaz - Everybody Love the Sunshine
The Seu Jorge and Almaz album may be one of the best albums of 2010. It's just too chill. Their rendition of this famous Roy Ayers tune is clear evidence of that.
Herbie Hancock - All Apologies
All of Hancock's The New Standard album is great evidence of my main conceit but I always find myself coming back to this track.
Gretchen Parlato - Weak
For some reason, my family just can't latch themselves onto this song. I love it. Many of my friends who I've made hear this song love it. But my family, my sister especially who loves SWV, just doesn't. We're at an impasse. It's probably along the same lines as to why they just can't understand why I hate the works of Tyler Perry. You just can't please everybody.
Brad Mehldau - Everything In Its Right Place
This song has randomly come up at least three times in the past week. I swear. Usually when that sort of thing happens, the song finds its way into the show. Mehldau's cover of my favorite Radiohead tune (and common mantra) is no stranger to The Line-Up. In fact, it's probably part of what spurred this week's theme.
Joshua Redman - The Crunge
I've played this song once on the show before. Just once, which is why I couldn't remember who did this track until I was putting the show together. Shame on me.
The Bad Plus - Tom Sawyer
When one thinks of The Bad Plus and covers, a lot of options come up. I figured this one hasn't been on the show in a while. Besides, I don't know much about Rush but I know I like this song from my favorite TBP album, Prog.
Marco Benevento - Heartbeats
I really really really like Benevento's version of this song. This version beats out José González's version in my mind.
Chris Hunter - Too High
This was actually a computer selection. I knew everything I would play this evening and this nugget was plopped in the middle of the songs the computer already placed here for this hour. When I saw it, I just couldn't believe this was really a cover of the Stevie Wonder song, but lo and behold, it is. The computer picked a cover of a Stevie Wonder song? From my favorite period in his career? For a show devoted entirely to covers? Yeah, the computer loves me.
The Crusaders - Eleanor Rigby
This really is what wakes me up every morning. For this to be my alarm clock and it doesn't bug me is a testament to how much I love this song.
Yaron Herman - Heart Shaped Box
I've been holding onto Herman's latest album, Follow the White Rabbit for some time now, just waiting to play some of the choicer tracks on the air. I got tired of waiting.


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