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After a long absence, I have returned. The season is up again and this is the first editorial I'm writing as editor of the section. This is partly a pitch to the freshman and a welcome to Morehouse through the section. Real issues are soon to follow as I have the resources to troll thorugh Google News like I used to. One Voice of Many By Anthony Harris Editorial Section Editor Over the course of the last year, I walked about the campus stewing. I would be the harbinger of the truth. I would be the one to teach newcomers not to believe the hype. I’d be the one to change the system and bring people out of darkness and into the light. I was a conflicted soul. I’ve always believed that it was my job to tell the truth in any scenario. I’d warn freshmen about the low points of Morehouse. I’d teach white people about the latent racism that still thrives. I’d teach my Negro brethren about the diverse subgroups of the race instead of the all-invasive hip-hop c