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The Line-Up 11-27-2009 by retronius

I'd like to note this was a rather special episode of The Line-Up.  I recorded it on Thanksgiving Day because I spent this evening having the actual dinner with family.  It was generally enjoyable, at least as enjoyable as spending time with family can be before you get tired out. The concept for this show was originally going to be "I'm thankful to have covers."  Most of this episode of the show was covers and remixes or reinterpretations.  I didn't run with that line because it takes me ten takes to do practically everything and after a while, I try to keep things simple in order to not screw things up anymore.  That and a couple songs in this set were originals so that threw things off. Vijay Iyer - Galang Originally by M.I.A. Robert Glasper - No Worries Why don't I own this album?  Oh yeah, the station doesn't have any extras and I'm flat broke, that's why.  Still, I really want this album, Iyer's Historicity , and Aaron Parks&#

The Line-Up 11-20-2009 by retronius

1) Right off the bat, I want to note that I'm going with a new embedded player for the show.  We'll see if I like this better (SoundCloud while pretty had a limit on uploads that I found a little stifling).  Let me know what you think about it. 2) The theme for the show this week was big bands.  I mention this at the start of the show but I really want you to understand, I really don't like big bands.  They're too confining.  It's sort of like a "too many cooks..." scenario.  I like when a soloist has the chance to expand and go crazy.  It's also part of the reason why some of my friends find my music to be a little confusing.  Still, sometimes a big band works and that's what I wanted to do this week. Incognito - Solar Fire Incognito - She Wears Black Jaco Pastorius Big Band - Kuru/Speak Like a Child Darcy James Argue - Transit Darcy James Argue - Obsidian Flow Roy Hargrove Big Band - Requiem Roy Hargrove Big Band - Roy Allen

The Line-Up 11-13-2009 by retronius

I'm probably going to need some other service to upload my show. I'm open to any suggestions. Let me know you like what I'm doing. Or even if you hate what I'm doing. Seriously. Ramsey Lewis - Rendesvous Aaron Parks - Peaceful Warrior Javon Jackson - Inner Glimpse Christian McBride & Inside Straight - Theme for Kareem George Braith & Grant Greeen - Boom Bop Bing Bash Stefon Harris - African Tarantella Jaco Pastorius Big Band - Good Morning Anya Eric Alexander - Island

On Art, Craft, and Trusted Criticism

I was having a talk this evening with a friend of mine about grammar.  Really the talk was about head injuries (Ever bang your head against a wall really hard? Geez!) and things sort of devolved into the proper use of lay vs. lie.  You see, while I graduated cum laude from Morehouse College with a degree in English, I can still never remember the difference between lay and lie.  I figure I'll get it one day when my brain can keep that information in check (telling me in the comments of this post still likely won't make much of an impact, trust me), but for right now it's just one of those things that I'll miss from time to time, especially in unedited, extemporaneous conversational English.  The thing with this friend of mine is that he's a bit of a grammar fanatic and will correct any mistake made in the middle of a conversation.  I've come to accept this and ignore him immediately afterwards because I find this behavior to be rather gauche.  I doubt I'm al

The Line-Up 11-6-2009 by retronius

Here is the show for November 6. This show involved a lot of switching things around in the system and each song I played had a rather specific reason behind it which I'll explain in the notes here. You may want to follow along... Kneebody - Never Remember This band out of Austin has been on my radar here and there and I figured I'd start off the hour with them just because the name sort of stuck out in my head.  That's really just it but it was still a pretty good start to the show and I like that decision. Robert Glasper - No Worries The other day, I was talking with a friend of mine about Robert Glasper and his work with folks like Mos Def and Bilal.  Because of that conversation, I felt compelled to play Glasper again this week.  Beside the fact, Double Booked  is a really good album and I knew I would want to play something from it again.  "No Worries" was one of the songs I played this week that stuck out in my head so that's why it's the speci