The Line-Up 11-20-2009 by retronius

1) Right off the bat, I want to note that I'm going with a new embedded player for the show.  We'll see if I like this better (SoundCloud while pretty had a limit on uploads that I found a little stifling).  Let me know what you think about it.
2) The theme for the show this week was big bands.  I mention this at the start of the show but I really want you to understand, I really don't like big bands.  They're too confining.  It's sort of like a "too many cooks..." scenario.  I like when a soloist has the chance to expand and go crazy.  It's also part of the reason why some of my friends find my music to be a little confusing.  Still, sometimes a big band works and that's what I wanted to do this week.

Incognito - Solar Fire
Incognito - She Wears Black
Jaco Pastorius Big Band - Kuru/Speak Like a Child
Darcy James Argue - Transit
Darcy James Argue - Obsidian Flow
Roy Hargrove Big Band - Requiem
Roy Hargrove Big Band - Roy Allen


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