The Line-Up 11-6-2009 by retronius

Here is the show for November 6. This show involved a lot of switching things around in the system and each song I played had a rather specific reason behind it which I'll explain in the notes here. You may want to follow along...

Kneebody - Never Remember
This band out of Austin has been on my radar here and there and I figured I'd start off the hour with them just because the name sort of stuck out in my head.  That's really just it but it was still a pretty good start to the show and I like that decision.
Robert Glasper - No Worries
The other day, I was talking with a friend of mine about Robert Glasper and his work with folks like Mos Def and Bilal.  Because of that conversation, I felt compelled to play Glasper again this week.  Beside the fact, Double Booked is a really good album and I knew I would want to play something from it again.  "No Worries" was one of the songs I played this week that stuck out in my head so that's why it's the specific track that played this evening.
Cassandra Wilson - Runs the Voodoo Down
I was really just in the mood for some Cassandra Wilson.  I honestly don't play her stuff often enough, on air or personally and I should fix that.
Medeski Martin and Wood - Professor Nohair
If you haven't been following the jazz crowd, Medeski Martin and Wood are huge and their Radiolarians project has been picking up as much steam as this auspicious series of albums merits.  It can be a little difficult to grapple but it's worth the effort.
Chick Corea & John McLaughlin - The Disguise
A few weeks ago, I got a hold of this album and I've been playing it pretty heavily this past week.  In fact, I was listening to it on the ride to the radio station for this show.
Roy Hargrove Big Band - Roy Allen
This album has been talked up a lot at the station and this is my favorite track off the album.
Brad Mehldau - Knives Out
I don't know if you've noticed but my first three weeks of my doing this show, I played a Brad Mehldau track each week.  After that third week, I told myself I was going to stop myself from playing Mehldau for a while.  Considering I was going to take a slightly different approach to my show this week, I lifted my self-imposed Mehldau fast and played one of my favorite tracks of his.  This is the strong start to one of the albums that I counted in my primer to modern jazz.  This is your turn on.
Nina Simone/Felix Da Housecat - Sinnerman (Heavenly House Mix)
HTC rolled out a new bunch of commercials last week in which this song was featured.  Add that to the fact that this was also the song used when NBC went behind the scenes in the Obama White House a few months back and suffice it to say, this song got stuck in my head and started driving me crazy.  So, I figured the station likely has this song since it's on the Verve Remixed 2 album.  It's been driving me crazy so I figured I'd drive you crazy, too, dear listener.


Anonymous said…
can you tell me how you do this i've been wanting to do this. i used to have a show but couldn't figure out how to record it and post it like this.
My station specifically keeps archives of everything it plays for a week. Through those archives on a special site, I download my hour each week once my show ends. I really wouldn't know how you could record your show yourself from the radio. But once you have an mp3, you can upload it to a service like SoundCloud (or something else with larger storage which I really need to find) and post it.

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