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The Miles Davis Episode of The Line-Up for 5-27-2011

As is typical fashion for me, I celebrate the major birthdays (at least the ones to me) of jazz musicians that I feel would fit into the scheme of The Line-Up. Joe Sample technically doesn't fit, but I do it anyway. Miles Davis definitely fits so here a Miles Davis episode resides. St. Germain - Sure Thing When it comes to songs that sample Miles Davis, I'm going to run to this song pretty quickly. I mean, it's great on its own accord, but once you take the sample into account, that's the end of the game. Apple Juice Kid - DubApple I actually had another track from Miles Remixed here but the show was running long so I switched it out with this track. Still, this is a stand up album that's worth copping if you don't have it yet. Kurt Elling - Blue In Green When JD, the station's operations manager, was looking over this playlist, he shook his head at this selection. I still stand by Kurt Elling, but we've been over this time and again. Miles Davi

The Line-Up for 5-20-2011

There isn't one overall theme or idea this week, just little sets that seem to fit together to me for the most part. Also, I made it a point 1) that my music beds on my mic breaks actually work this week and 2) that all my music beds for my mic breaks are MF DOOM beats. The Roots - Teen Town There are tracks that I have added to the system specifically because I need really short selections to fill in time. I love Owen Biddle, I swear I do (that's part of the reason why I play Booker T. Jones later in the show, The Roots deserve their due props), but this song is here specifically because it's 50 seconds long. Besides, isn't it cool when the show starts at such breakneck speed? Gretchen Parlato - Still (feat. Alan Hampton) I honestly can't stay away from The Lost and Found for too long stretches of time. On the ride up to the station before putting this show together, the idea to play this song suddenly dawned on me; immediately after that, my iPod chose to pl

The Line-Up for 5-13-2011

At first, I had no ideas for this week's show. I had maybe one or two ideas for tracks but nothing fully formed. Eventually, I put a show together entirely and then went through my Google Reader as I'm apt to do throughout my day. That's when I found out today is Stevie Wonder's birthday. So I scrapped a good half of the show to put together a rather respectable Stevie Wonder soul set that one would expect from The Line-Up. That's the ramshackle goodness you come here for every week, right? Jason Lindner - Big Pump I wanted to play some Jason Lindner since I hadn't in a little while. I saw a video float around so that drove me to play some this week. I figured I'd look at who's featured on the album and it blew my mind. Me'Shell NdegéOcello? Kurt Rosenwinkel? Anat and Avishai Cohen? This album was insane already, then I read who was on it. I didn't know I could love Now Vs. Now any more than I already did. Gerald Clayton - If I Were a Bell

The Line-Up for 5-6-2011

I don't think I have anything special to say about this show in its entirety except that I'm pretty happy with it. The songs, and my subsequent commentary on them, should speak for themselves. Christian Scott - Isadora It seemed befitting to start the show off giving congratulations to the fresh engagement of Nextbop's good friend, Christian Scott, to his beloved Isadora Mendez. We wish them all the best. Gerald Clayton - Snake Bite All this week, Gerald Clayton's new album, Bond: The Paris Sessions is streaming at Nextbop. Needless to say, we're quite happy to share this album with you. I figured giving you a taste of this would lead you to the rest of the goodness. Jason Moran - RFK in the Land of Apartheid By now, you know how it goes... A song comes up on my commute, I fall for it all over again, it makes it into that week's Line-Up. Second verse, same as the first. Becca Stevens Band - Weightless Last week, I played a couple of Stevens' c