The Line-Up for 5-13-2011

At first, I had no ideas for this week's show. I had maybe one or two ideas for tracks but nothing fully formed. Eventually, I put a show together entirely and then went through my Google Reader as I'm apt to do throughout my day. That's when I found out today is Stevie Wonder's birthday. So I scrapped a good half of the show to put together a rather respectable Stevie Wonder soul set that one would expect from The Line-Up. That's the ramshackle goodness you come here for every week, right?

Jason Lindner - Big Pump
I wanted to play some Jason Lindner since I hadn't in a little while. I saw a video float around so that drove me to play some this week. I figured I'd look at who's featured on the album and it blew my mind. Me'Shell NdegéOcello? Kurt Rosenwinkel? Anat and Avishai Cohen? This album was insane already, then I read who was on it. I didn't know I could love Now Vs. Now any more than I already did.
Gerald Clayton - If I Were a Bell
I figured I'd play Clayton one more time on the air for the folks who've missed out on the Nextbop stream.
Geri Allen & Timeline - Four By Five
I was trying to put this show together when Kory started blasting this from the on air booth. I was compelled out of the production room and knew I had to snag this for the show in the evening.
Kurt Elling - Golden Lady
I think Elling and Lawrence Hobgood did an excellent job with this one, especially Hobgood's stacatto throughout the end. Elling can never escape his loungy tone of voice, and I appreciate that about him, but it's through Hobgood's arrangements that the pair achieve something more with their every endeavor. I stan for Elling. He's clearly not an edgy sound like this show can sometimes get, that's what makes him edgy to me.
Vijay Iyer - Big Brother
It's pretty clear that I had to play this for the Stevie Wonder set. Iyer does a great job with this song, stripped down but still funky.
Stevie Wonder - Maybe Your Baby
Pretty much all the Stevie Wonder songs in the KRTU library are songs I added myself. This is the only one that was here before me. It's nice to know things like that are still appreciated around here by folks other than me.
Adam Cruz - Outer Reaches
Kory suggested I play this and I figured I had room for it.
Chris Dingman - Waking Dreams
I got ahold of this one pretty recently and I really liked it. It deserves a spot and some airtime before its release late next month.
Maxwell - Phoenix Rise
I've actually wanted to play this track for a while now and figured I might as well now. It's just too cool.


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