The Line-Up for 5-20-2011

There isn't one overall theme or idea this week, just little sets that seem to fit together to me for the most part. Also, I made it a point 1) that my music beds on my mic breaks actually work this week and 2) that all my music beds for my mic breaks are MF DOOM beats.

The Roots - Teen Town
There are tracks that I have added to the system specifically because I need really short selections to fill in time. I love Owen Biddle, I swear I do (that's part of the reason why I play Booker T. Jones later in the show, The Roots deserve their due props), but this song is here specifically because it's 50 seconds long. Besides, isn't it cool when the show starts at such breakneck speed?
Gretchen Parlato - Still (feat. Alan Hampton)
I honestly can't stay away from The Lost and Found for too long stretches of time. On the ride up to the station before putting this show together, the idea to play this song suddenly dawned on me; immediately after that, my iPod chose to play this song on its own. I consider that a sign from God that plays out in Line-Up awesomeness.
James Farm - Unravel
I actually had another James Farm selection in this slot but the show was running super long so I pared it back to this one. It fits, right?
Ben Allison - Some Day We'll All Be Free
I gave this song maybe three weeks to breathe and three weeks had to be enough. I still love it.
Jaspects - One Last Cry Before I Say
It's been far too long since I played the 1-2 punch of "One Last Cry Before I Say..." and "Goodbye Love". Bassist Jon-Christopher Sowells just kills this song, doesn't he?
Jaspects - Goodbye Love (feat. Fonzworth Bentley)
Playing "One Last Cry Before I Say..." without playing "Goodbye Love" just seems incomplete, doesn't it?
Kenneth Whalum III - If We Try
If I'm going to do a Morehouse set, I have to have KWIII.
Thundercat - For Love I Come
I am certainly not alone in my anticipation for Thundercat's upcoming album, fortunately Pitchfork shared the love this week and here this song sits.
Booker T. Jones - The Hive
This is my favorite cut off Jones' new album The Road From Memphis. This album is amazing and one of my favorites of the year so far. I played it three times straight through when I got ahold of it last week. Booker T. and The Roots are a great combo and they should work together forever.
Nujabes - Counting Stars
This is probably my favorite Nujabes song, but that makes sense since it's essentially George Benson remixed.
Harriet Tubman - Probe
Having this song sit here and not flanked by other equivalently or at least escalating and descending levels of free jazz is risky but I think I'm running with it.
The Odd Trio - Medley (Bastard, Lemonade, Assmilk)
My friend Alex is trying to get me into Odd Future but I'm still wrapped up in the ethics of their lyricism and their overall immaturity that doesn't appeal to me. Still, when he showed me this trio, I can at least stand strongly in saying Tyler, the Creator has chops in composition and those compositions have good room for expansion in the right hands. These are the right hands.

Mic Breaks
MF DOOM - Eucalyptus
MF DOOM - Saffron
MF DOOM - Spikenard
MF DOOM - Black Snake Root


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