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The Post-It Note Campaign

There was a bit of a concern on if this article would run. I got confirmation today that it would, so I'm posting my rough draft here and I want to get started with this right away. The Post-It Note Campaign Anthony Harris Opinions Editor In the ongoing goal of making Morehouse College a better place, I’d like to implement a new strategy. I am going to personally buy packs of Post-It notes and place them all over the campus. Whenever I encounter some SGA official or some town hall meeting with Morehouse’s president, when the time comes for questions, I never have many, or at least not the one’s I’m shooting for. Perhaps I should blame it on myself for having more to say to my own laptop than to an officials face. Years ago, I moved into a newly constructed Kaufman Broad Home. I learned that when a home is almost finished with construction, the owner is to walk through the house and place small orange stickers on any imperfections. T

We Need Action

I can recall a discussion one day at dinner. After the debacle that was our IT department cutting off internet for the students, we still haven’t quite resolved the issue. I have many gamer friends who are more tech savvy than me. One of my friends, outraged at the prospect of never hooking up his Xbox 360 to the network (out of the notion that it’s too much of a strain on the network), has started a letter writing campaign over Facebook to increase the expediency of their working on the issue. After having this discussion, I began to notice the plight. It took me two minutes to download a single megabyte from Mozilla for a new Firefox theme. My internet browsing isn’t as swift as it used to be. When is the last time anyone has used the wireless around here? These are real problems that imply that we aren’t getting the full value out of the $107 we’re paying this semester in technology fees. So as I was discussing this at the aforementioned dinner, a person