We Need Action

I can recall a discussion one day at dinner. After the debacle that was our IT department cutting off internet for the students, we still haven’t quite resolved the issue. I have many gamer friends who are more tech savvy than me.

One of my friends, outraged at the prospect of never hooking up his Xbox 360 to the network (out of the notion that it’s too much of a strain on the network), has started a letter writing campaign over Facebook to increase the expediency of their working on the issue. After having this discussion, I began to notice the plight.

It took me two minutes to download a single megabyte from Mozilla for a new Firefox theme. My internet browsing isn’t as swift as it used to be. When is the last time anyone has used the wireless around here? These are real problems that imply that we aren’t getting the full value out of the $107 we’re paying this semester in technology fees.

So as I was discussing this at the aforementioned dinner, a person who Esquire Magazine Chuck Klosterman would call my archenemy stated in his absolute lack of sense that this is all because we haven’t been proactive enough. In retrospect, I really he was partially true.

If there were legions of people nagging those in the basement of Sale Hall everyday, I could guess all our technology woes would be solved quicker. If there was a protest on Gloster Hall for more assistance in the cost of schooling, I would guess there’d be more people who could afford being here. If there were more people flooding the mail with how we as students feel unsafe here, I could surmise our campus police would watch the gates and surrounding neighborhoods more than being the nuisance to the students and spraying less mace in the face of Spelmanites.

When Morehouse’s priorities are in order, we would have the capacity to succeed in the ways we have always stated. This is dependant not only with the administration or with student government but with the actual students. We’re the one’s that pay the bills so we should be the ones demanding the service.

We should be the ones who demand better food before workers tell me to take off my hat. We should be the ones who demand adequate living conditions before a residential staff presses togetherness. We should be the ones who demand the administration taking a stance on the young men of Jena, Louisiana before they take a stance on the height of our pants.

In a student centered institution that has the power to not pay the bills, we should act like the dissatisfied customers that we know that we are. The student is the client.

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