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The Line-Up for 6-29-2012

You know those sort of weird disjointed songs that you sort of like but have to find the right mood to play? That's what this week's show is all about. Gretchen Parlato - Juju I really wanted to start this show off with her version of Wayne Shorter's "E.S.P." but I couldn't find her previous album, In a Dream , on the shelves so I replaced one Parlato covering Shorter track with another. The Roots - Hall & Oates Vijay Iyer Trio - Little Pocket Size Demons Go dumb. Go dumb. Go dumb. Henry Threadgill's Zooid - Tomorrow Sunny I need to give this album a couple more listens to speak more on it but I've been cottoning to Threadgill lately. You should, too. Flying Lotus - A Cosmic Dream The Bad Plus - Physical Cities I heard J.D. play this on the air last week and knew it wouldn't be long for me to find an excuse to play it myself. Billy Hart - Ohnedaruth I need to give this album more of my attention but it deserves all the praises it has re

The Line-Up for 6-22-2012

Not much to say, I just wanted to make sure I played what was on my mind as usual. Sound Directions - Dice Game/Wanda Vidal The computer picked this one but this is one of my favorite Madlib tracks so it definitely stayed. THEESatisfaction - Juiced Scott Tixier - Bushwick Party I had the idea of doing a violin set (that sort of fell apart when I added Maria Neckam at the end, but meh). Zach Brock - Drifting Last week, I played some Zach Brock as an icebreaker to his new album, Almost Never Was . This week, he's broken into the show. Maria Neckam - Your Kindness This album, Unison ,  has been floating around the station for a few weeks now and I finally got ahold of it to play. It's twisty and turny and pretty cool. Nujabes - Arurian Dance Rusconi - Tempelhof I've been wanting to play some Rusconi for a little while now and am finally getting around to it. Neil Cowley Trio - Mini Ha Ha This is probably my favorite track from The Face of Mount Molehill.  It'

The Line-Up for 6-15-2012

This week was just sort of interesting in that I didn't feel like talking too much and I wanted to feature more new music. Things were sort of fast and loose. Zach Brock - Black Narcissus Brock, the violinist for the Stanley Clarke Band, has his own new release, Almost Never Was , that has an amazing line-up of Aaron Goldberg (p), Matt Penman (b), and Eric Harland (d), yet no one is talking about it. This must change. Flying Lotus - Zodiac Shit Bebel Gilberto - Aganjú? The computer picked this one but I wanted a vocal set with some bounce to it so this was perfect to kick it off. Esperanza Spalding - Cinnamon Tree I've sort of loved this song for a few years now and was really happy that Spalding recorded this for Radio Music Society . It's a really cool song. Kurt Elling - Blue in Green I love everything about this song. I love the lyrics by Al Jarreau. I love Hobgood's arranging. I love Elling's vocal decisions. I love the vamp out. I love that the vamp

The Line-Up for 6-8-2012

This week's Line-Up feels pretty low key to me. I hit some power players, stuck with some tried and true piano trios, did what works. You know the deal. Somi - Kuzunguka I still have Live at Jazz Standard in rotation. There's something amazing about Somi and this band. They're all quite exceptional. Madlib - On the Move (Roland Alphonse) Enrico Pieranunzi - Strangest Consequences Kory and J.D. hipped me this today. We'll see where it goes; prospects are high. Fabian Almazan - H.U.G.s (Historically Underrepresented Groups) I originally had the idea of just playing folks I haven't played in a while but in general, that just organically happened instead of me making it a theme of this week's show. Austin Peralta - Epilogue: Renaissance Bubbles Vijay Iyer Trio - The Village of the Virgins   I love how triumphant this song sounds. Neil Cowley Trio - Slims I just felt like playing some Cowley. It's always good to revisit him. Phronesis - Charm De

The Line-Up for 6-1-2012

Just a grab bag of ideas and Stanley Clarke hype. You know, the usual. Grand Pianoramax - Feudor I missed acknowledging Leo Tardin's birthday last week so I want to make sure I belatedly wish him a happy birthday now. Freddie Joachim - Morena Linda Oh - Desert Island Dream There's so much goodness all over Oh's Initial Here . It's staying in rotation for a little while. BADBADNOTGOOD - UWM (feat. Leland Whitty) This track made NPR's Song of the Day the other day. I think folks are finally getting how good a song this is. Sonnymoon - Kali I love this album. Like seriously. It has a little of everything and it's downright infectious. Flying Lotus - Slow It Down Joe Zawinul & the Zawinul Syndicate - Scarlet Woman The computer picked this one. The Stanley Clarke Band feat. Hiromi - Fulani This song is indicative of what will be the highlight of my week. Saturday couldn't come soon enough. You'll see when I'm done reviewing the show. T