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The Line-Up for 7-30-2010

I'm not going to go into a lot of particulars about what today entailed but let me just say you know I love everyone who hears this show when I still put together such great music for you all to hear after a long day like this. It's been long, tiring, but good. With such a runaround day like this, it's perfect to listen to this great music... Gretchen Parlato - Doralice I really think one of the best vocalists we have around today is Gretchen Parlato. She has this cool, breathy delivery that just lets the music speak for itself. This song is also as much a showcase of Lionel Loueke as it is for her. She has this way of letting the song just go, the musicians just work (whether it's with Loueke here or Kendrick Scott or Aaron Parks throughout her In a Dream album), and let her voice be her voice. I've loved her music the first time I heard it and it shows. Aaron Parks - Nemesis Speaking of Aaron Parks. I really just put this song here because I wanted to hear h

The Line-Up for 7-23-2010

Today wrapped up KRTU's Summer mini pledge drive. It went quite well and we closed strong. I even finally ponied up and became a good and proper member of the station myself. A good time was had by all so there's no reason why you shouldn't become a member yourself. We'd be glad to have you. Trust me, it's important. And what other reason to join the station than to hear some of this great music... Nnenna Freelon - The Lamp is Low The computer picked it, but as usual, I run with it. Quincy Jones - What's Going On? I initially found this version of this song funny. Now I find it oddly beautiful and a great part of a great album. I distinctly remember Gerry Gibbs playing cuts off of Smackwater Jack on his old show on KRTU. This is, in a sense, a send up to him and a continuing along of the great tradition we hold here at KRTU. Brad Mehldau - Don't Interrupt the Sorrow You know I love Brad Mehldau. I really do. But if I had to pick a favorite track

The Line-Up for 7-16-2010

This week, I don't really have anything special to say here other than I suggest you go read my latest column over at Nextbop . Other than that, let's get to the playlist... Medeski, Martin & Wood - Junkyard I feel a little trepidation sometimes if I start the hour with MMW. I don't want to put a lot of people off, but MMW so clearly defines what The Line-Up is about that sometimes I just run with it and will play them up top. Brad Mehldau - Knives Out I was totally listening to this on the bus yesterday and had so much fun listening to it (as I usually do) that it made its way to tonight. Anat Cohen - Jitterbug Waltz The other day, I said to myself, "Retro, you don't play any Anat Cohen on the show." You saw her in Icons Among Us , you know she's learned and has a great background in jazz. You should totally play her on the show. Besides, you don't play enough talented women in general. You should get on that." Ravi Coltrane - Ginger

The Line-Up for 7-9-2010

It's my birthday on Monday so I'm live tonight and I'm playing some of my favorite stuff of old and of stuff I can't stop playing lately. It's not much different from any other Line-Up but maybe a little more self indulgent. Hopefully, you find it to be just as awesome. The Bad Plus - Flim This is the song you hear week after week as the intro to this show. It's pretty much the definitive song for The Line-Up and I'm glad that it's the theme song. But from time to time, I come back to it and think about it in a new way. In this case, I thought about how this song is a feature point for Dave King. His drumming is just fantastic and I found myself scatting to myself, emulating his drumming throughout the week. It had to play, not only for my own purposes but to remind people how awesome this band is that they can take an Aphex Twin song and make it their own. Some people got onto The Bad Plus from their first album, These are the Vistas , because of the

Nextbop: Jazzaneutics

This week's post over at Nextbop is all about using Antonius Guillimus Amo's teachings on hermeneutics in listening to and analyzing jazz music . I've wanted to write about this for quite some time but the Holy Spirit finally stuck it in my head how to write it. To wit: Amo is heralding authorial intent and states it must be considered when analyzing a work (at least when using a biographical criticism), otherwise, the analysis is ultimately invalid. Cross apply this notion to jazz and its criticism. Right now, one of our biggest issues (upon which I rail habitually) is that of nomenclature. If authorial intent is to trump all according to Amo, if a musician believes his or her work is considered jazz, the audience or the critic theoretically has little basis to state otherwise. The author intended the work to fit under a certain category and the audience must oblige. Once we pass the issue of nomenclature, the issue on which our community should truly focus

The Line-Up and 2 More Hours of Noc Trans for 7-2-2010

Yet again, I have three hours of programming here and boundless opportunity. Oh, I have a new post up over at Nextbop that folks are liking. Give it a read. Otherwise, let's see if this week is any good, shall we? Dr. Lonnie Smith - Mellow Mood I got his last album and thought it was pretty good. It was sort of shocking to see another one so soon but the man is a professional. Terence Blanchard - Byus feat. Dr. Cornel West From time to time, I'll come up to the station and JJ will somehow mention Blanchard's Choices album. Then I think about how much I like what I hear. It happened again today. Etienne Charles - Lala Who? This is another one of those tracks the computer picks but I keep it because it sounds sort of funky. Jason Moran - Blue Blocks Moran's new album, Ten , is proving itself to be quite impressive. The Bad Plus - Comfortably Numb feat. Wendy Lewis If there's anyone I should be playing on this show more often, it's The Bad Plus. Their