The Line-Up for 7-30-2010

I'm not going to go into a lot of particulars about what today entailed but let me just say you know I love everyone who hears this show when I still put together such great music for you all to hear after a long day like this. It's been long, tiring, but good. With such a runaround day like this, it's perfect to listen to this great music...

Gretchen Parlato - Doralice
I really think one of the best vocalists we have around today is Gretchen Parlato. She has this cool, breathy delivery that just lets the music speak for itself. This song is also as much a showcase of Lionel Loueke as it is for her. She has this way of letting the song just go, the musicians just work (whether it's with Loueke here or Kendrick Scott or Aaron Parks throughout her In a Dream album), and let her voice be her voice. I've loved her music the first time I heard it and it shows.
Aaron Parks - Nemesis
Speaking of Aaron Parks. I really just put this song here because I wanted to hear his stuff, independently of the fact that I put Parlato on at the top of the hour. This is a guy who released a phenomenal first album and shows a great deal of promise for the rest of his career.
Darcy James Argue's Secret Society - Redeye
I've been talking about big bands a bit lately among all sorts of folks and how Argue has the form of the big band down pat with the equilibrium between a composer and a bandleader. The music is able to go as it should while the musicians have the freedom to improvise. I will constantly state that the Secret Society's Infernal Machines is the album that made me totally rethink big bands.
The Gerry Gibbs Sextet feat. Ravi Coltrane - Impressions
I constantly aspire to have the kind of energy on the air that Gerry Gibbs had on KRTU years ago. From time to time I'll play a song of his just so Gerry Gibbs and a Friday night on KRTU can meet each other once again.
Jacky Terrasson - Beat It/Body and Soul
I must say the way Terrasson wove between these two songs was an experiment gone right. This was audacious and it worked.
Jaco Pastorius - Portrait of Tracy
I had Weather Report on the brain lately and kept changing my mind between playing something from the entire group, something from Joe Zawinul solo, something from Trio of Doom (of which Pastorius was also a member), and ultimately decided to go stripped down here for this track.
Madlib - Mystic Bounce
The current background of my BlackBerry is the cover of Madlib's Shades of Blue album. Yeah, it's that serious.
Herbie Hancock & Wayne Shorter - Nefertiti
In a meeting today, the subject of Wayne Shorter and his more audacious work came up. I mentioned that because of that conversation that a Shorter tune would arise this evening. Here it is.
Avishai Cohen - Come Together
There are a few key examples I use when I talk about certain tracks that stuck with me when Aaron Prado was at KRTU. I'll often point to Brad Mehldau or The Bad Plus, but Avishai Cohen's version of "Come Together" really stuck with me. I spent years tracking this song down and learning about this guy. Once again, I recall that earlier time with this song.
Stefon Harris & Blackout - The Afterthought
Stefon Harris also came up in conversation today. I program by suggestion.


Jonathan said…
yo! great set! where can i listen back to it?
Head to and access the Playback menu when you click on listen at the top of the page. Either that or the stream for this last week is available at the reposting of this playlist at Nextbop. You gotta hurry, though, since each week is switched out with the next at the conclusion of each show (i.e. 10pm CST tonight).

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