The Line-Up for 7-23-2010

Today wrapped up KRTU's Summer mini pledge drive. It went quite well and we closed strong. I even finally ponied up and became a good and proper member of the station myself. A good time was had by all so there's no reason why you shouldn't become a member yourself. We'd be glad to have you. Trust me, it's important. And what other reason to join the station than to hear some of this great music...

Nnenna Freelon - The Lamp is Low
The computer picked it, but as usual, I run with it.
Quincy Jones - What's Going On?
I initially found this version of this song funny. Now I find it oddly beautiful and a great part of a great album. I distinctly remember Gerry Gibbs playing cuts off of Smackwater Jack on his old show on KRTU. This is, in a sense, a send up to him and a continuing along of the great tradition we hold here at KRTU.
Brad Mehldau - Don't Interrupt the Sorrow
You know I love Brad Mehldau. I really do. But if I had to pick a favorite track off of the collaborative album, A Tribute to Joni Mitchell, it would be Bjork's version of "The Boho Dance." It was the perfect mix of a Bjork song (which is saying quite a bit) while still holding to Mitchell's melody and sense of storytelling. Still, I quite love this song. Mehldau did a great job on it.
Stanton Moore - Pot Licker
The computer picked this one, too.
Charles Earland - The Kicker
Charles Earland showed up on The Line-Up once because the computer picked it. From then on, I remembered that name and this is one of those times in which I sought out one of his tracks for the show. Lovely discoveries like these are why I'm in radio.
Marco Benevento - RISD
I sort of took pause at playing Benevento three weeks in a row but it was his birthday yesterday. How can I not play him for that reason?
Rudresh Mahanthappa - Ganesha
The computer picked this but Mahanthappa is just popping up from time to time in the jazz community and I frankly don't feel I'm hearing enough of him. This is me trying to solve that problem.
Roy Hargrove - Family
I felt like wrapping up the show with some Roy Hargrove and then I noticed I hadn't played this song since January. It felt like it was time to revisit the tune.


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