The Line-Up for 7-9-2010

It's my birthday on Monday so I'm live tonight and I'm playing some of my favorite stuff of old and of stuff I can't stop playing lately. It's not much different from any other Line-Up but maybe a little more self indulgent. Hopefully, you find it to be just as awesome.

The Bad Plus - Flim
This is the song you hear week after week as the intro to this show. It's pretty much the definitive song for The Line-Up and I'm glad that it's the theme song. But from time to time, I come back to it and think about it in a new way. In this case, I thought about how this song is a feature point for Dave King. His drumming is just fantastic and I found myself scatting to myself, emulating his drumming throughout the week. It had to play, not only for my own purposes but to remind people how awesome this band is that they can take an Aphex Twin song and make it their own. Some people got onto The Bad Plus from their first album, These are the Vistas, because of their cover of Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit." For me, it was always from "Flim."
Christian Scott - Jenacide (The Inevitable Rise and Fall of the Bloodless Revolution)
Yet another week goes by and I play this song again. I swear I don't get tired of it. Once again, I'm putting the focus on the drummer. I'm loving Jamire Williams as much as I'm loving Dave King lately.
Marco Benevento - Greenpoint
If I were to have told you I've listened to Benevento's Between the Needles and Nightfall album ten times in this last week, you'd think I'm lying but I'm pretty sure I've played this album that many times this last week. I'm sort of obsessed. This is the opening track from that album and the man certainly knows how to start strong.
Monsieur Dubois - Dreaming
I think the computer here loves me because every week it manages to stick a song in my hour that I fall for almost immediately. This week is no different. Monsieur Dubois reminds me of early 2000s Incognito (when Maysa began to branch off into her solo career but the group still managed to hang on strong).
The Crusaders - Free as the Wind
If I'm doing a show for my birthday, there's no way I can't not play something with Joe Sample in it. This is also the moment when you realize the show is halfway done and I refuse to play anything low energy.
Russell Gunn - Footprints
A few weeks ago, I said I don't pay enough attention to Russell Gunn. This is me making that effort. On top of that, I had "Footprints" stuck in my head the other day. I mean really stuck. I mean singing the song to myself at work stuck. Of course, if you're going to play "Footprints," you have to play the tried and true Miles version off his 1967 album, Miles Smiles, but that's rather antithetical to The Line-Up, so here I am killing two birds with one stone.
Robert Glasper - Festival
This is yet another "this song played on my commute to work and now everyone else get to hear it" selection.
Brad Mehldau - Everything in its Right Place
You just knew you couldn't get through a special episode of The Line-Up and avoid Brad Mehldau, didn't you? And a Radiohead cover at that? Besides that, nothing says let's get the next year off to a right start by putting everything in its right place.


The Beans said…
Happy Belated Birthday to you.

-French Bean

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