The Line-Up and 2 More Hours of Noc Trans for 7-2-2010

Yet again, I have three hours of programming here and boundless opportunity. Oh, I have a new post up over at Nextbop that folks are liking. Give it a read. Otherwise, let's see if this week is any good, shall we?

Dr. Lonnie Smith - Mellow Mood
I got his last album and thought it was pretty good. It was sort of shocking to see another one so soon but the man is a professional.
Terence Blanchard - Byus feat. Dr. Cornel West
From time to time, I'll come up to the station and JJ will somehow mention Blanchard's Choices album. Then I think about how much I like what I hear. It happened again today.
Etienne Charles - Lala Who?
This is another one of those tracks the computer picks but I keep it because it sounds sort of funky.
Jason Moran - Blue Blocks
Moran's new album, Ten, is proving itself to be quite impressive.
The Bad Plus - Comfortably Numb feat. Wendy Lewis
If there's anyone I should be playing on this show more often, it's The Bad Plus. Their song, "Flim," is the theme song to this show, for crying out loud. So lately I was thinking, "When's the last time I played The Bad Plus on The Line-Up?" as I'm prone to do with many folks and I realized the answer in this case was far too long.
Poyser, Riggins, Jackson - Funky Butt
I ran across this the other day on the Stones Throw site. You may want to give it a listen, yourself outside of the context of this show.
Steve Coleman - Attila 04 (Closing Ritual)
Yet another computer selection.
Marco Benevento - You Know I'm No Good
This guy is getting some serious attention lately. He was filled with remarkable energy when I saw him in the Icons Among Us documentary. He was featured on NPR for this song. Then he's partying with Seb during the Montreal Jazz Fest the other day. He even did an interview for Nextbop. I figured once I got ahold of this song from him that I had to play it on the song.
Jason Lindner - Seven Ways
You have no idea how often I've played Now vs. Now just on a whim. I love it a little too much.
Metropolitan Jazz Affair - Navarone
Another computer selection that just so happens to get pretty funky.

...and two more hours of Nocturnal Transmissions...
Wolf Parade - Cave-O-Sapien
Can - Vitamin C
The Hold Steady - Stuck Between Stations
Led Zeppelin - Since I've Been Loving You
Animal Collective - BrotherSport
Beck - Elevator Music
Nick Drake - Parasite
Elliott Smith - Tomorrow, Tomorrow
Spoon - Car Radio
Solex Vs. Christina Martinez and Jon Spencer - Bon Bon
Flying Lotus - ...And The World Laughs With You (feat. Thom Yorke)
Blur - Pop Scene
Sufjan Stevens - The Avalanche
Vampire Weekend - Mansard Roof
Flying Lotus - Do the Astral Plane
Islands - Pieces of You
The White Stripes - You're Pretty Good Looking (For A Girl)
Ratatat - Wildcat
Quit Zow - The Cut
Joanna Newsom - Soft as Chalk
Dirty Projectors - Stillness is the Move
Neon Indian - Terminally Chill
TV on the Radio - Dirtywhirl
Janelle Monae - Faster
Portishead - Mysterons
Radiohead - Sit Down. Stand Up.
The Jesus and Mary Chain - Just Like Honey


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