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The Line-Up for 4-27-2012

As usual, the show is a combination of ideas I've collected throughout the week and picks the computer left but I'm particularly happy with my new approach to blending tracks together. I'm really happy with my handiwork in that department. The song selection ain't half bad, either. Michael Janish - Sofa Stomp This song has been sitting on an Evernote for months, waiting in the tall grass for the perfect show to pounce. It finally graced this week's 1 spot and it works. James Pants - Track 27 Neil Cowley Trio - Slims The song just got a new video that has graced our page . It certainly deserves a spot in The Line-Up for the week. The Bad Plus - Super America I was whistling this tune all day Wednesday. Take note how much of a challenge that is when you hear the shifts going on. Romain Collin - Pennywise the Clown Have you checked out The Calling  yet? We're streaming it. You really should check it out if you haven't by now. This taste should conv

The Line-Up for 4-20-2012

Rarely does 4/20 fall on a Friday so I have been pretty excited to put this show together for a few weeks now. Hopefully my song choices lived up to this show's potential. Todd Clouser - Little Boxes I hope I wasn't trying to be too clever in this song choice. Okay, maybe I was trying to be too clever with this selection. Rel - On My Way The Bad Plus feat. Wendy Lewis - Comfortably Numb   I had this song here as a marker until I could come up with what I figured would be a better idea. Ultimately, I realized this song was kismet after all. Medeski Scofield Martin and Wood - Legalize It It's a little overt, but isn't 4/20 all about overtness?   Daedelus - Madlib Bonus Beats Portico Quartet - Ruins Yep, this album is still in rotation. Heh, I said rotation.   BADBADNOTGOOD - CHSTR By the time BBNG2 gets to about this track, it really gets up and running. Mister Barrington - Landing I can't stop playing this song. I really can't. Mo Kolours - Te

The Line-Up for 4-13-2012

You want to know the definition of drained? Almost half of this Line-Up is computer selections. I rather liked the options it gave me and hopefully my personal choices for the week play well with others. Brad Mehldau Trio - 26 I figured I wanted to play some more new Mehldau this week but I also figured I had to figure out some 13 related stuff for this Friday the 13th show. Also, "26" is one of the choicer tracks from Ode . dela - Get Busy Booker T. Jones - The Hive I've been letting my Google Music wild out and upload more of my music to the cloud lately so my commute on shuffle has a hell of a lot more selection. This allows things like Booker T. Jones' The Road from Memphis  from last year stay accessible from almost everywhere, and fresh on my mind, and still just a thought away from showing up in a Line-Up because it still rocks me to the core. Ali Jackson, Jr. - I Gotchu Computer selection, less funky than the Booker T. but just as driving. Paul Grabow

The Line-Up for 4-6-2012

It's the last day of the Jazz 91.7 Spring Pledge Drive 2012 and it's been a pretty fun week. I got to hang out at the radio station all week. It's been a particularly fun week of content and discourse with Nextbop. Vijay Iyer Trio - MmmHmm Accelerando  keeps getting love from me. Also, I felt like playing some Thundercat twice over for some odd reason (I close the show with Bruner proper). Mister Barrington - Helter's Kelter Phronesis - Upside Down Phronesis just dropped a new album, Walking Dark , on us this week and it's quite good. This week's show is sort of heavy on piano trios. I've always had a soft spot for them and as this show can attest, they're capable of a lot. Neil Cowley Trio - Rooster Was A Witness I haven't played any of the new Neil Cowley album in a little while so I felt this merited fixing. Wayne Escoffery - World of the Bardo The Only Son of One  is pretty impressive-- smooth without being smooth , soulful without b