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Jack in the Box Utilizes Market Research from the Duh Agency

So lately, I've been seeing this commercial on TV from Jack in the Box. Apparently, this is a follow up to a commercial in a similar vein two years ago. Who was at the ad agency for putting these things together? Who was batting around ideas with the creative department and finally just saying it, the notion just teeming inside for half an hour? " We make food for stoners! Why do we keep dodging this?! For crying out loud, we offer both burgers and tacos! " And because of that guy who just couldn't hold in that all too important fact, Jack in the Box is running a campaign that's essentially... Jack in the Box: Don't Pretend You Didn't Know I know my demo

Past Published Work

I need to make it a point that whenever I write something for another publication, I should post it here as well, or at least link to it. I'm currently looking for work now since I'm not on other endeavors so I should have more time and energy to write. I have clearly been slacking but I want to keep writing here and hopefully anyone who shows up here would want to read what I have to say. Recently, I've been freelancing for San Antonio's community newspaper African-American Reflections . Until I can work with the publisher of that paper to ensure that posted stories have more longevity, I'm not sure about the stability of linking articles I've written there, but I'll give it a shot anyway. Last month, I attended a Ramsey Lewis concert that I thought was quite good and have said so in print . In addition to that, I also attended the James Carter Organ Trio concert that same weekend. The link to that died, so I'm going to post the unedited article he