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Satire and Hermeneutics

In order to keep this thing going since I clearly don't write for the Tiger anymore, I still intend to keep substantive work here for a while. So I'll cross apply something I wrote for fly.paper and bring it over here. Subjects for special consideration are (1) the author, (2) the literary work, (3) the interpreter… The literary work contains either judgments, opinions and hypotheses about the spirits or the experience of sensible things or (2) varied experience, or (3) intellectual, moral and technical things of human intention and operation. So much with regard to the theme. With regard to the contemplative mode the general, special and singular purpose of the author must be considered in themselves or according to the author’s object and purpose. In themselves, propositions are either affirmative or negative or doubtful, and each of them is either universal or special or individual. --Antonius Guillielmus Amo, Treatise on the Art of Philosophising Soberly and Accurately ,