Midpoint to Midterms

We stand in between two significant points in time this year. Runoff elections have just ended. Representative Cynthia McKinney has just lost her seat to Hank Johnson in the fourth District of Georgia. Joe Lieberman has lost his Connecticut Senate seat to Ned Lamont due to his estrangement from his constituency according to Time Magazine. There are astounding times ahead of us filled with change, and this is only the crevice of that time.

November is going to be an interesting month in which midterm elections will take place. As we continue down our road to manhood in Morehouse College, we must realize the power we have as a voting block. We are Black youth, united together to change the West End, Atlanta, Georgia, and America. Part of the power we hold is in the power of our vote. We mustn’t forget the significance of our vote, especially in a state that tries to strike this vote through voter identification legislation and intimidation.

We must realize that we hold a great power in our vote. The reason why Republicans have been known to use various tactics like voter ID, intimidation, misinformation, and “lost” ballots is because of the potential Black people have in their vote. In the intellectual center for young Black Americans, we have a power in our opinions and over public offices. This is the reason why November is so important. To have the entire AUC vote in the upcoming election is a sign that Blacks and young people are changing their patterns.

We are a demographic that must be accommodated with the rest of America. Our tax dollars are the same as middle-aged white America. Our goals are the same as the soccer moms. Our position in America should be no different from anyone else’s. We must be courted like everyone else in America and we shall vote in our best interests, Democrat or Republican.

This upcoming election should be a sign of change. A change by the Black community that shows that we aren’t afraid to stand up for our rights; that shows that we aren’t a group that’s against voting. A change by the youth of America that we aren’t lethargic and apathetic about politics. These midterm elections should show that we are unsatisfied with the House and Senate and that we have an opinion on the matter. These midterm elections should represent the will of the nation, and we are included in that nation.

So when November comes around, we should all be in the lines in Archer Hall waiting to cast the ballot that shows that we are American citizens with something to say: this is our nation and we what change.


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