Editorial Section Proposal

The new editor-in-chief of the Tiger is asking what I would bring as editor for an interview tomorrow.  He asked for this write-up:

     For the upcoming year, I hope to bring the same excellence to the editorial section of the Maroon Tiger that has been shown years past.  Still, I feel that, if chosen, I will raise considerable standards of the section.  I feel that the editorial section has been bogged down with base material that has become rather repetitive.  My body of work for the Tiger has shown that I want to add a certain amount of awareness and seriousness to the editorial section and I hope to extend this mindset as I oversee this section.
     To the same degree, I want this to be a true voice of the Atlanta University Center, bringing up real issues that have not been addressed.  As I’ve stated on multiple occasions, I tire of reading about calling women out on the strip, offensive Nelly videos, and Pall Wall’s influence on orthodontia.  A great deal of my life is dedicated to complaint, and complain I shall continue, and I hope that other staff writers will follow suit.  I will bring my voice and ask others to follow and these voices shall be heard.  They will speak of real issues from global policy to school events.  From avian flu to acting a fool.  From poetry to coonery.  This will be the voice of the campus in a new light.
     Recruitment will begin with those I know, and hopefully, others will follow suit through requests through the section and the paper as a whole.  This section will grow to new heights if I am chosen editor, and if not, you still have me on staff to give my voice.  I hope that you choose me to be editorial section editor, but if not, I hope you choose what is best for the Maroon Tiger.


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