Cheney: the Nonstory

Cheney: the nonstory
By Anthony Harris
Editorial Staff Contributing Writer

As many of us now know, Vice President Dick Cheney recently shot 78-year-old Harry Whittington in a hunting accident.  As engrossing as this is, why do I feel this is a nonstory?

This just felt like a piece of information that I should know and then move on.  If Whittington were to die, I’d be concerned about the ramifications to the vice president.  If he were to fall under a grand jury probe, I’d take more notice.  But Whittington isn’t dead.  He’s receiving treatment in Corpus Christi.  All is well in the world.  I no longer care.

I can’t keep looking to the nonstories.  I may not be as enthralled as the rest of the world about whether Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are still together.  I’m not outraged that Brittney Spears carried her baby while driving.  To go back to the original story, I only somewhat care that the vice president didn’t have a quail-hunting license prior to this incident (he has since obtained one according to the Washington Post).

Of all the real news in the world now, a hunting accident isn’t high on my list.  Muslims are protesting in Europe and Pakistan because a Danish newspaper broke a sacred belief.  What the Danes did is the equivalence of breaking the “no graven image” commandment of the Bible.  Muslims take that seriously.  This is real news.  The story has run a little long; we shifted our focus to a hunting accident.

Our news cycle may be running slow, who knows?  Maybe I feel this way because I’m not in the industry yet, but I just don’t like seeing nonstories.  I should not have to compare the relevance of Ben Bernake’s job performance (which proves he is no Greenspan) to a hunting accident.  I should not have to compare Michael Brown and Michael Chertoff’s testimonies on Hurricane Katrina to a hunting accident.  I’m tired of this story.

Someone let me know if the military is planning to rescue Christian Science Monitor reporter, Jill Carroll.  Why does the National Counterterrorism Center suspect 325,000 people are possibly terrorists, and does this have anything to do with illegal government wiretaps?  Why don’t I know more about the possible resignation of the Lebanese president?  There’s real news out there.  Someone report it.


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