The Awesome Semester

It's just feast or famine, isn't it.

The Awesome Semester
Anthony Harris
Opinions Editor

From the projected date of publication of this article, there will be 117 days until I graduate. Just wrapping my mind around this number boggles me. This is the first newspaper of my last semester as a Man of Morehouse. This is the first article of the first newspaper of my last semester as a Man of Morehouse. For any seniors out there, just do that for a solid week. Seriously, it’s a pretty awesome thought. You hardly ever get tired of it (although, others might).

I have been telling everyone around me that this is the “awesome semester.” For various personal and financial reasons, many of my friends have been away from Morehouse. This semester, many of them returned.

With the exception of one class, most of the coursework I’m doing isn’t the highest maintenance and everything I do ensure I end everything with 120 credit hours. There are various highpoints throughout this semester that only excites me to think about them (José González and Sia in concert in March, various academic trips, and the month of April looks bright). It even snowed on the first day of class, which is a life changing event for me, one who hasn’t seen snow in sixteen years.

Everything about this semester is awesome to me and I feel truly blessed to finish Morehouse on such a high note. Call it a good outlook or using the Secret or simply claiming things in the name of my Savior.

Things are even improving across Morehouse’s campus. The renovations in Douglass are greatly appreciated and I cannot applaud these improvements enough. I returned to the campus and the streets were finally paved. I finally noticed the new HDTV in Kilgore.

But even through this, we must not forget the improvements that must happen for this semester to truly be awesome. Tigernet was down half of the first day of class. The grace amount for fees to the college lowered from $1500 to $1000. Purges rained through the campus. I heard a rumor nearly a thousand students weren’t even registered on the first day of class. The Christmas tree wasn’t even removed until two weeks ago. In all our forward strides, there are still things we have left behind.

I have been pessimistic for some time and even in my optimism, I look to my reality. I would hope we all do the same. I see great potential in this semester. I like what President Franklin has been doing across the campus (and this is earnest, not some sort of brownnosing) and I pray for his blessed leadership of this school. I can only hope he continues the fundraising for with President Massey received such great acclaim while maintaining the public face President Massey most certainly lacked.

People seemed to look at me oddly when I said I would title this editorial “The Awesome Semester” but I stand by this decision. I mean it in the slang term of just greatness that surpasses formal verbiage. And I mean it in the formal sense of a five month period in which things happen exceedingly well, and I will look back in awe of my last semester at Morehouse College. I’m getting excited about it, how about you?


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