The Line-Up for 4-15-2011

It's the Herbie Hancock episode of The Line-Up. This is the episode that's a big deal but not as big a deal as the Joe Sample episode. That's just how it goes.

Kurt Elling - Blue in Green
I think my favorite thing about this song is the use of layering. When folks talk about Kurt Elling, they need to note that they're also talking about Lawrence Hobgood since the two are essentially attached at the hip. The arrangement Hobgood puts on this rendition (which is essentially an upgrade of Al Jarreau's cover of the same song that he did on his 1992 album, Heaven and Earth) gives this a certain amount of depth that I never thought such a simple song could have. I really, really enjoy this.
Jaspects - Chitlins & Chalupas
What is Battle of Flowers anyway? San Antonio comes to some sort of celebratory halt in the middle of April for Fiesta and I don't know why. My family was never one for Fiesta so I never get caught up in it. I figure I'll throw the city a bone and play a song that references chalupas (even though it's by an all black band of Morehouse Men).
Bann - Minor Shuffle
Honestly, this is a computer selection but I'm definitely copping this album.
Herbie Hancock - Kebero, Pt. 2
Not a lot of people talk about Hancock's '02 album, Future 2 Future, but that may be why I have a soft spot for it. It's trippy, maybe a little misguided, and Chaka Khan eventually shows up (on last week's selection). Some folks may not care for it, but I try to shout out this littlest album that could.
Herbie Hancock - Butterfly
This is my favorite Herbie Hancock song ever. Both Gretchen Parlatto and Robert Glasper have covered it fairly recently. It's pretty good in its original version on Hancock's Thrust, but he really pulls out all the stops on the live Japanese import album, Flood, heard here.
Freddie Hubbard - Red Clay
I actually forgot Hancock was a player on this album. I guess that's yet another reason why I love this song so much.
Nordic Connect - Things I Love
This is a pretty cool computer selection and I figure an alright close to the show.

Mic Breaks
Daedelus - Adventress
The Remix Project - OutKast "Prototype"
DJ Jazzy Jeff - Bossynova
Thundercat - Thundercat Jamboree


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