President George W. Bush/Moses

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While I was taking my shower today, I got to thinking about President Bush. I keep thinking about my parents and my grandmother and why they voted for him. They voted for him because he touts his Christianity. I still think that quite admirable, but I also dread it because he gives Christians a bad name sometimes. I don’t like the idea of pressing Jesus on people because Jesus worked on persuasion. He didn’t want people in the Body if they weren’t willing. I didn’t just follow the Christian, I thought hard before I voted. I knew I didn’t want George Bush to stay in office.

But then the Holy Spirit came upon me and I realized that things won’t be that bad. President Bush, while harmful, won’t cause the absolute ruination of America. People blow things out of proportion. Whoever comes into office after him will repair whatever damage he has done hopefully. But I don’t sweat the issue that much. I’m fine with it. Especially now because he may be our generation’s Moses.

Moses had a stuttering problem. President Bush is a terrible orator. Moses has a short temper and because of this, the children of Israel wandered about the wilderness for forty years before reaching the promised land. President Bush does not heed wise council and has led us into Iraq for the past four years. Maybe the test for Christians today is to follow this leader the way the Israelites had to follow Moses. They called Moses an idiot the same way that a lot of people, Christians included, are calling President Bush an idiot. Moses may have very well been an idiot. He also never entered Canaan, in the same way that it won’t be President Bush who will lead America out of Iraq.

So I continue to pray for my leader, as I am obligated to do. I will trust that the Lord will oversee the president’s decisions and make sure that nothing goes horribly wrong. I don’t anticipate any major terrorist attacks happening or that the economy will fall into the Second Great Depression. I think things will be alright going into the next administration, God willing and that while America may not support the president, that God has at least a modestly good opinion of him and us when it’s all said and done.


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