The Line-Up for 2-4-2011

Today was rather interesting. Early this morning, San Antonio saw its first snowfall since 1985. Some places saw all of 3 inches of snow. Yes, it's not a lot but it is for us and it caused much of the city to shut down. Still I'm a professional so I made sure to get a show to you this week and a good one it is, too.

Joe Sample feat. Lalah Hathaway - Fever
As is tradition (that I'm currently making), the first song following the previous week's Joe Sample episode of The Line-Up must also be a Joe Sample song so as to ensure that his birthday is adequately sandwiched between Fridays. Also, I didn't have the time to fit in anything from his 1999 album, The Song Lives On. I mentioned it last week but didn't have the time to play it until now. This seemed like the perfect time for it.
Medeski, Martin & Wood - Everyday People
When I think of MMW, I'm not thinking of a lower energy song so when I saw how this song was categorized, I figured it was worth playing.
Charles Lloyd & Brad Mehldau - Lotus Blossom
I actually haven't gotten around to listening to this album but I remember the look of intrigue that ran across everyone at the station's face when we combed through the new albums and saw this here.
Portico Quartet - Clipper
The arrangements of these last three songs steadily built to this point. Once I put the MMW and the Lloyd/Mehldau together, I somehow knew Portico would fit here. This specific song.
The Bad Plus - You Are
I don't know why but I sought out this song to put here. No reason why, I just knew it would fit.
The Stanley Clarke Band feat. Hiromi - Fulani
I have been really feeling this album lately. I like fusion and I feel I have to apologize for it a lot because it sounds so dated, even when it's new. Still, I believe with many genres and subgenres, in the right hands, even a generally loathed genre can be executed well and Clarke accomplishes this.
Menahan Street Band - Make the Road By Walking
I've had this group stuck in my head for a couple of weeks now and did a Google of them the other day. I had no idea that this is a new group. Their classic sound is so brilliant I felt I've been hearing them for years. Also, yes, Jay-Z used this song as a sample. I think Wale did, too. Someone check me on that.
Roy Hargrove Big Band - Roy Allen
I felt like the whole show was raising to this specific peak.
The Nels Cline Singers - Devining
And now that we've reached the peak, we can go just plain nuts to close things out.


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