The Line-Up for 2-11-2011

I had an idea that I wanted to carry out for this week's Line-Up based largely on Flying Lotus' takeover of Benji B's show on BBC radio a couple of weeks ago. I listened to this set recently and I felt my life changing. I was rethinking jazz and radio and music in general and I just had to bring some of that vibe to The Line-Up this week. I think this is the most chill I've ever sounded on the radio. This may have been one of my favorite shows to have ever put together. Plus, I finally figured out how to play music in the background of my talking! Boy, is that ever complicated.

Ralph Bowen - Drumheller Valley
I always say that if you really want to impress me musically, get at me in my commute, especially while walking. If I can really feel walking to your song, you'll essentially open me up to the rest of your work. Bowen's "Drumheller Valley" showed up on my BlackBerry on shuffle (like everything else I play) and really moved my commute one day this week. For that, it gets the first spot of the hour.
Miguel Atwood-Ferguson - Hoc N Pucky
This guy has been everywhere I look musically lately so it was only a matter of time before one of my binges on his stuff would filter into the show. "Hoc N Pucky" is my favorite track from Timeless: Suite for Ma Dukes. It, too, is good walking music.
The Roots feat. The Miguel Atwood-Ferguson Dillchestra - Antiquity
The binge continues.
J Dilla - Oblighetto
I know it's a little ironic for my column this week to be against mourning, especially for those musicians I don't know a lot about, but for some reason I bucked my own logic on both counts and did a set about Dilla and closed with this track. Maybe, like most things in jazz, I'm more moved by how late greatness moves those still here, so I don't feel too late to the celebration that is James Yancey.
Kenneth Whalum III - It Was Written feat. Common
In full disclosure, both Whalum and I are Morehouse class of 2008 but I'd play his stuff all the same. He's backed Maxwell's triumphant return. He's playing with Robert Glasper all over his debut album. He's sitting on top of iTunes' jazz charts. Real recognize real, institutional bias or no. But, of course, this is the kind of greatness one would expect from a fellow Morehouse Man.
Robert Glasper - Downtime
Well since Glasper was on the last track, I might as well make a clear thread between the two tracks.
Sound Directions - The Horse
In my mind, if I start the show off playing J Dilla, it almost mandates I eventually play some Madlib.
Monk Higgins - Black Fox
The soul set is always an excuse for me to explore the library and see what I come across, practically sight unseen (or unheard, really). This is one of those blind picks that I think worked out really well.
ERIMAJ - End of the Rainbow
Let's see that thread I made again. J Dilla -> Madlib -> Madvillain, also KWIII -> Robert Glasper -> Jamire Williams. Though this be madness, there be method in't.
Flying Lotus - Mmmhhmmm feat. Thundercat
I figure by this point, the chill will have taken you over and such a turn in genre (if you can still make those sorts of clear divisions) like this isn't jarring. The sounds have been so cool this week, haven't they?
Nujabes - Counting Stars
Another thread: producers who made great jazzy hip hop stuff who died far too young. J Dilla -> Nujabes.
Apple Juice Kid - Dubapple
And I figure one more producer of jazzy hip hop stuff would be a great closer for this week's show.

Mic Breaks:
Flying Lotus - Zodiac Shit
The Roots - Donuts (Outro)
Bobby Hutcherson - Montera
Henry Threadgill Zooid - Lying Eyes
Maurice Brown - Hip to Bop


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