The Line-Up for 3-26-2010

This is late because I was at the Dee Dee Bridgewater concert last night. It was quite exceptional and I sort of can't wait to write my review of it. I'll make sure some snippets of it find their way over here. In lieu of my live tweeting the show as I usually do, I hope this episode of The Line-Up could stand on its own. I was quite proud of it.

Tineke Postma - Cabbonal
Gerald Clayton - Two Heads One Pillow
Vijay Iyer - Big Brother
Hiromi - Beerne, Baby, Berne!
Christian Scott - The American't
Nat King Cole/Cut Chemist -Day In Day Out
Brad Mehldau - Capriccio
Darcy James Argue's Secret Society - Redeye
Nujabes - Peaceland


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