The Line-Up for 3-12-2010

The pledge drive has ended but that doesn't mean you still can't pledge your support and become a member of KRTU. In my lethargy (which didn't really show in my putting the show together), I haven't been all that active live-tweeting the show this evening nor in putting together a good blogpost for tonight's episode. But as I was trained in this job, I am a mere tour guide to the music. It should speak for itself for the most part, so I present to you tonight's Line-Up.

Stefon Harris & Blackout - Minor March
Christian Scott - Jenacide (The Inevitable Rise and Fall of the Bloodless Revolution)
Pat Metheny & Ornette Coleman - Mob Job
Robert Glasper - No Worries
Freddie Hubbard - Caravan
Joshua Redman - Obsession
Medeski Martin & Wood - Sweet Pea Dreams
Antonio Carlos Jobim - Brazil
Mike Stern - Tumble Home


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