The Line-Up for 30 November 2012

I had not a single clue what to play this week. I've spent so much time preparing for year-end lists that I had to cobble together a show for this week. Next week, I'll likely play cuts from my personal favorite albums of 2012 and the following week will feature our staff lists. But for this week, here's just some all around good music. Pat Metheny Unity Band - Roofdogs Since I've been in year in review mode, I felt like it was time to revisit Pat Metheny and his current crew. BADBADNOTGOOD - Salmonella Rez Abbasi - Divided Attention Some months ago, maybe way back in March or so, Kory told me that Vijay Iyer was coming to San Antonio as part of this show with Rez Abbasi which is now coming up in two weeks. Just talking about this made us ridiculously excited. In a couple of weeks, San Antonio will figure out why. Graham Dechter - Road Song Upon putting this week's show together, Kory suggested I play something from the new Graham Dechter album, so I did. Teebs - Pretty Poly Kurt Rosenwinkel - Homage A'Mitch Since I just got Star of Jupiter a couple weeks ago, I've felt compelled to play it a whole bunch to make up for its late in the year release, though I probably would be playing it a lot anyway. Jeff Coffin & the Mutet - Lucky 13 I hadn't played anything from Into the Air in a while. Karriem Riggins - Esperanza Takuya Kuroda Sextet - Six Aces I also hadn't played any Takuya Kuroda in a couple weeks. Dafnis Prieto Proverb Trio - The Magic Dansonete I definitely haven't played Dafnis Prieto Proverb Trio in a little while. Bonobo - Brace Brace This may have been the only selection that the computer chose. When I felt the need to adjust songs for time constraints, I actually fought for this one, though. Space Ghost - Naps NEXT Collective - No Church in the Wild (feat. Christian Scott I really wanted to play this one this week. Like, seriously.


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