The Line-Up for 11-16-2012

It's sort of difficult to say when you're in the swing of things, even though this show wasn't put together while fully in the swing of things, but yes, this show felt like it was in the swing of things. Maria Neckam - I Miss You We just posted the video for this song on Nextbop. Synergy! Hiatus Kaiyote - Sphynx Gate Josh Moshier & Mike Lebrun - Hometown Marvel Moshier and Lebrun have been putting out some pretty great music over the years. I'm pretty glad they're finally putting out their Local Colorists EP. Kurt Rosenwinkel - A Shifting Design If you haben't read Jon Wertheim's review of Star of Jupiter yet, you really should. Thelonious - Third Eye Matthew Halsall - Fletcher Moss Park Once again, you really need to cop the latest Label Love compilation. Timo Lassy - Shifting Winds Chris Galvan, host of Nu Standards (Saturdays 7-9pm CST on Jazz 91.7), recommended Timo Lassy to me some time ago during a station event. Teebs - Bleep Madlib - Mystic Bounce I had this odd quandary about filling some time. The solution as Shades of Blue. You can never go wrong with Shades of Blue. Mike Dillon - Ding Dong The Party Is Over I've wanted to play something from Urn on The Line-Up for months, I just haven't had a chance to. I made that chance this week. Portico Quartet - Lacker Boo I am loving this Portico resurgence I'm going through right now. Thelonious - Take Some (Time) Lionel Loueke - Bayyinah I can't explain why this felt like the perfect closing for this week's show. Let's just say it's somehow serendipitous. No, there's no corollary for it... yet.


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