The Line-Up for 2-17-2012

I had only vague ideas on what to do this week for the show. It took some twisting and turning to figure out what songs to play this week but I feel that this is a particularly strong show this week. You be the judge.

Gregory Porter - Bling Bling
This album is amazing. It instantly lifts your spirits. It's makes you think of home. It's everything a jazz vocal album should be. It oddly reminds me of early Will Downing. Be Good is just great.
Jonti - Twirligig
Johnathan Blake - Blue News
Things are all coming together for the Johnathan Blake album stream. Are you excited?
Jack DeJohnette - Sonny Light
I'm still liking Sound Travels.
Geri Allen & Timeline - In Appreciation
This should be a good show at the McAllister Auditorium on Sunday.
Jonny Greenwood - Proven Lands
Steve Bernstein's Millennial Territory Orchestra - You Can Make It If You Try
This was the most perplexing thing on the Bonnaroo lineup. Seriously, check the bottom. What's that doing there. Not that I'm mad at it. This is exactly what the genre should be doing. Good move, Bernstein.
Menahan Street Band - The Crossing
When's the last time I played some Menahan Street Band, huh?
Sound Directions - On the Hill
Or some Sound Directions? Yeah, I'm pulling out some old favorites.
Jonti - Passaros
Portico Quartet - City of Glass
It's the next single off Portico Quartet. I'm still loving this album.
Mister Barrington - Frank's Drebin
II is a great album, too. Y'know, this may just be some of the best highlights of the year so far.
Nicolay with the Hot at Nights - Satellite
I felt like pulling this album up for some reason.
James Pants - I Told You Man, I Carry A Gun
Phronesis - The Economist
I just got this album last week and I'm still digesting it, but it wasn't hard to figure out what gems should get some play.


Victoria L said…
This was great to read thanks

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