The Line-Up for 2-24-2012

I honestly didn't have much of a clue of what to play this week. Hopefully, you'll still think I came correct as usual.

Scott Tixier - Elephant Rose
We've been talking this album up a bit at Nextbop recently and it's pretty well lauded at KRTU. That's certainly worth a play in the 1 spot.
Flying Lotus - ...And the World Laughs With You (feat. Thom Yorke)
Terri Lyne Carrington - Crayola
Congratulations to Carrington for winning the Grammy for Best Jazz Vocal Album.
Towner Galaher - Second Line Samba
Computer selection
Gretchen Parlato - Still (feat. Alan Hampton)
I was sort of stuck on what to play for a bit and then I realized I hadn't played any Parlato in a bit.
Beck - Missing
Johnathan Blake - Of Things to Come
The Eleventh Hour is still streaming at Nextbop, just saying.
Ben Wendel - Backbou
So's Frame.
Matt Wilson's Arts and Crafts - Teen Town
Kory was saying this version of "Teen Town" was better than Weather Report's original. I can't agree, but it is quite good.
Toro Y Moi - Sweet
Alice Coltrane - A Love Supreme
I've fallen into some pyschedelic mode for a bit earlier in the week and it just sort of carried over into this week's show.
Harriet Tubman - Night Master/Ascension
This just seemed like a natural fit for the set.
Thundercat - Fleer Ultra
I honestly picked this song because it was short. 
Gonjasufi - Blacksuit
Maxwell - Phoenix Rise
I hadn't played this song in a while and it's always a strong closer.


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