The Second Annual Joe Sample Episode of The Line-Up for 2-3-2012

Oh, yes, it's that time again. I don't have to worry so much about new music and the scene but I get to reflect on my favorite musician and his impact on jazz overall. Plus, I get to devote almost an entire hour to the 1970s, likely my favorite decade for music. The Joe Sample episode of The Line-Up has become a tradition for me and I'm always glad to continue it. Even groans around the radio station have lessened this time around. Even when Joe plays smooth, he plays it right and this show, with its heavy fusion vibe, should reflect that.

Joe Sample - Hippies on a Corner
This is likely the most modern track I play this week and even it's from 1995. This song is one of my major memories of Sample. I recall his tour hitting San Antonio shortly after Old Places, Old Faces released and my parents taking my sister and I to see it. We actually chanted for him to play this song. Yes, my nerdery began young.
Teebs - LSP feat. Austin Peralta
Joe Sample - Fly with Wings of Love
Get this... the computer picked this one. For real. I knew I'd throw everything out of this hour when I showed up at the station and this was sitting plumb in this spot. That's just fate right there.
Donald Byrd - Slop Jar Blues
Making discoveries and combing through the AllMusic page for Sample is always one of the biggest treats for me every time I put this show together. This is one of those discoveries. 
The Stepkids - Shadows on Behalf
The Jazz Crusaders - Uh Huh
Kory didn't have any ideas of what to play for today's Jazz Break at Noon so I told him to play The Crusaders. I meant it jokingly until we realized exactly how much Crusaders we had on vinyl. It turned into a great hour and he played a track from this album, so I figured I'd play the title track to carry things over.
Blue Mitchell - Asso-Kam
Take note that "Asso-Kam" (which is credited as a Sample composition) is essentially "A Rainy Day in Monterrey" from Sample's 1979 solo release, Carmel.
Blue Mitchell - Alone Again (Naturally)
The Blue Mitchell continues, it was a good find. I'd like to believe that Joe Sample's session work largely colored the various directions he made personally in his own music. Did Sample's sessioning make him a more diverse musician or was Sample's openness to diversity make him more desirable as a sessionist? The chicken/egg conundrum rears its head.
James Pants - Track 27
Monk Higgins - So Far Away
Monk Higgins was likely the best find I made putting this show together. This is the funkiest things are going to get for the whole hour.
Monk Higgins - Walking In My Sleep
Wait, no, things got even funkier.
The Crusaders - Spiral
And here's where the fusion really took hold on The Crusaders, largely because of Sample going electric after all this time.
Madlib - Young Warrior
Joe Sample - Night Flight
And I of course close on the man himself with one of my favorite songs of his from 1982's The Hunter.


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