The Line-Up for 12-14-2012

Finally, we have reached the Nextbop's Best Jazz of 2012 episode of The Line-Up. It's a pinnacle. It's an event. It's the radio version of reading a list. It's like the jazz version of Casey Kasim. It's like another simile in a list. Lionel Loueke - African Ship I tried as hard as I could to squeeze this into the show. It's a rare event when I can manage to get ten jazz songs into an hour on this show but I just loved Loueke's Heritage that much. Christian Scott - Van Gogh Marcus Miller - Gorée This band has had a fascinating year. They've been culled together through Miller's continuing a legacy. They put out a really great album. They've traveled the world and they have the battle scars to prove it. Miller's Renaissance band are just an awesome group of folks. Brad Mehldau Trio - Got Me Wrong Brad Mehldau gave us not just one, but two great albums this year. He's just filled with gifts. Kurt Rosenwinkel - Something, Sometime I'd like to give an award for the fastest fourth quarter of the year come up to Kurt Rosenwinkel. Mo Kolours - Keep It Up Gregory Porter - On My Way to Harlem I found myself singing this song at random to myself at many points of the year. Be Good just stays with you. I'm glad Porter seems to be getting the attention a talent like his deserves. ERIMAJ - Black Super Hero Theme Song Why this song is playing: 1) it's awesome and I saved it for this week, 2) after the work it has taken to put together our Nextbop Season of Lists, I'm exhausted but once again must note that I feel like a black super hero who needs a theme song. Mo Kolours - Temi Christian Scott - Of Fire (Les Fille De La Nouvelle Orleans) One of the great things about Christian aTunde Adjuah is how when putting a show together, there are so many songs to choose from. The Bad Plus - Seven Minute Mind I wanted this last set to be driving and funky and this song definitely has both. Vijay Iyer Trio - The Star of a Story I was in a toss-up about whether to play this or "Little Pocket Size Demons", which was my favorite song on this album until maybe two minutes before picking "The Star of a Story" which was suddenly my favorite song on the album. The thing about Accelerando is how at any time, all these songs can be one's favorite of the album. Everything on it is so great. Jonti - Pássaros Robert Glasper Experiment - Gonna Be Alright (F.T.B.) feat. Ledisi This song stays incredible and Ledisi's voice is pure joy and calm and peace and love. I love this song just as much now as I did back in January. I really hope it wins the Grammy.


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