The Line-Up for 12-21-2012

I'm still sort of coming down from lists and I've really gotten into being on vacation, so this week's show has a vibe where I felt like I took it easy with longer tracks. I think it worked out. The Line-Up for 21 December 2012 Medeski Martin & Wood - End of the World Party
Obvious joke is obvious.
James Pants - I Told You Man, I Carry a Gun
José James - Trouble
Did you catch James on Conan the other night? Those dudes got too cool.
Takuya Kuroda Sextet - Six Aces
I swear every Takuya Kuroda album is better than the last. You should really check out Six Aces.
Neneh Cherry and The Thing - Cashback
One of the highlights of this year was being doorman for a The Thing show back in May when they swung through San Antonio and then hanging out with them all throughout that night. Those dudes ruckus. They're pretty awesome.
Gonjasufi - Blaksuit
The Cookers - Ebony Moonbeams
A couple weeks ago, Josh Jackson's The Checkout Live at WBGO put on a double bill show featuring Geri Allen & Timeline and The Cookers. Unfortunately, I missed Allen's set1 and I need to get around to hearing it, but I did really like what I heard of The Cookers, hence their showing up in this hour.
Dr. Lonnie Smith - Backtrack List season made me fall in love with Dr. Lonnie Smith's The Healer all over again.
The Pharcyde - Runnin' (Instrumental)
Rusconi - Hits of Sunshine (Live in Bielefeld)
The computer had a different Rusconi track here, but I just had to switch it out for my favorite track from Revolution, like.... had to. It was unavoidable. Nope, I just wouldn't abide anything else.

1.Side note (or, um, footnote): Allen's drummer, Kassa Overall just put out his next hip-hop mixtape, Cabin in the Woods with Tecla. The two of them combined are Toothpaste. They're dope. Check them out.


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