The Line-Up for 5-18-2012

I said I would seek out new music and I did. Oddly enough, a lot of it is sort of straight ahead stuff, which I don't typically do for a whole hour, but I like where this ended up.

Scott Tixier - Roach Dance
I felt oddly compelled to play Scott Tixier this week. Then I felt compelled to play a not so obvious track. This is what happened.
Rel  - Six in the Morning
Linda Oh - Deeper Than Happy
This is undoubtedly my favorite track from Initial Here. Find out your own favorite track from Nextbop's album stream, or buy it on Tuesday.
Orrin Evans - Clean House
I finally got around to listening to this album, Flip the Script, and I'm liking it. It's not your usual straight-ahead jazz album.
Todd Bishop's Pop Art 4 - New York, U.S.A.
This was a computer selection that I decided to run with. In retrospect, this felt like a risky choice, but isn't jazz all about risky choices?
Toro y Moi - Sweet
Jeremy Pelt - The Tempest
I really did latch onto this track from Pelt's latest, Soul. It snagged onto me right as I was heading to the station to put this week's show together and it hasn't really let go since.
Enoch Smith Jr. - She Move Me
had planned on playing something else here but chose to switch it out for Enoch Smith Jr. I stand by my decision.
Skalpel - Long Distance Call
Chris Dingman - Jet Lag
I haven't played any Chris Dingman in a while, have I?
Justin Walter - Odyssey
For some reason, I still have Stars in rotation. I keep coming back to it, sort of like how it comes up in this show from time to time.
Daedelus - Madlib Bonus Beats
Adam Kromelow Trio - Bushido
Yep, still feeling the Adam Kromelow.


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