The Line-Up for 5-25-2012

Another week, another show. I had originally inteded for things to go a little crazy in song selection but it ended up to be a rather normal show. Although, I'm perfectly fine with that. You don't mess with what works and what works is a little of everything.

Jeremy Pelt - Tonight...
Soul is still hitting me since I heard it a couple weeks ago. That's certainly a good thing.
Jonti - Saturday Night Songs
Menahan Street Band - The Crossing
I've been in a bit of a Menahan Street Band mood lately and was likely going to figure out how I was going to shoehorn a song of theirs into this week's show, but upon my arrival to the studio, the computer already had a track here waiting (in the 1 spot). After a bit of tinkering, "The Crossing" found its home.
Takuya Kuroda - Skyrocket
I haven't said much about it but I really do like Kuroda's Edge. It's a clear advancement from his previous album, Bitter and High. He sounds like he's having more fun.
Kyle Eastwood - Marciac
The same goes with Kyle Eastwood's most recent album, Songs from the Chateau.
Jonti - Flesh of Morning
Phronesis - Charm Defensive
This song was going to make it into this week's show all the way from last Saturday. Yeah, I think about the show all the time. It's a labor of love.
Romain Collin - The Calling
This song has been floating around in notes for a little while now, so it made it's way here, too.
MF DOOM - Licorice
The Mackrosoft - Cricket
The original intention for this week's show was to feature more downtempo/electronic-y stuff for this week's show a la the rest of Jazz 91.7's weekend programming that we've put together, but as the week rolled on, I kept having more and more ideas for what to play for this show so a whole hour got pared back to the last third of the show, which is likely for the best because Gibb and Galvan really have their stuff together for their shows. However, I still wanted to give them their due shout out and musical homage. Thus, I yoinked from the library likely something one of them put in.
The Prunes - Unite
Same reason as before but I realized I was sort of short on time so I needed to fill in around two minutes with something that fit the theme. That was a bit of a challenge but it came together, right?
Tensei - Passport
Now this was something I ran across myself and have been digging, even though I still had the Gibb/Galvan thought in mind. Oh also, you really should cop this album. It is free. Tensei is dope (and definitely on Plug Research, I checked).
Apple Juice Kid - Bitches
Sonnymoon - Just Before Dawn
This song is just gripping, isn't it? I was sort of up in the air about whether or not I should consider it jazz, but if NPR will give them that designation, who am I to argue. It's good and I want to play it.


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